We should all be worried about Dubai looking like a neutral player in the world of investment. The arrests of these Nepalis who were going to work for the USA in Iraq, and their arrests shows that Dubai is not interested in helping the USA fight the war on terror. This is an outrage, and has not been reported by the mainstream media. Non Profits like the Milkin Foundation are now doing a large amount of business and investment with the UAE and DUBAI and are only looking at the financial rewards without realizing the risks of long term problems by allowing Dubai and the UAE to buy America. Global greed and corporate thirst for wealth is selling our democracy down the road. This article is troubling for many reasons, especially the humanitarian ones, but is indicitative of what we will face if we allow the enemy to charm their way into our home, just like the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

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Families of Nepalis arrested in Dubai worried

With the exact condition of 105 Nepali youths who were arrested Friday by the Dubai police while on their way to Iraq to work in American companies unknown, some of their family members in Nepal have become greatly worried, a leading daily reported.

“We have been without food and water since coming to know about his arrest on Friday,” Bhagati, mother of Bisal Basnet of Triyuga Municipality-2, Udayapur told the Kathmandu Post. She said that just a few minutes prior to the arrest, her son had called saying that he had been without food for 12 days.

Among those arrested, three are from Triyuga Municipality. The other two are Dewan Katuwal of Ward-5 and Prem Dahal Khatri of Ward-2.

According to reports, the police arrested them from a godown near the Dubai International Airport . They have been living there since two weeks without enough food. Most are from Morang, Jhapa, Sunsari, Udaypur and Okhaldhunga districts.

“How will I repay the loan I took while he was preparing to go there for employment?” asked Dewan’s father Rana Bahadur Katwal. According to him, his son had informed him, prior to the arrest, that there were many Nepalis with him from Khotang, Okhaldhunga, Udaypur and Jhapa districts.

Despite government imposing ban on Iraq as a destination for Nepali labour, many cases of Nepali labourers being channeled across to war-torn Iraq via Kuwait have been reported in the media in the past. However, the government has been seen doing nothing to stop it, allowing some overseas consultancies in Nepal to make huge profits by luring youths to Iraq with promises of lucrative jobs.

The youths, reports said, had agreed to go to Iraq for work through a manpower company based in Kupondole, which assured them of monthly salary of between 650 to 800 US dollars. The average annual per capital income of Nepal is less than 300 US dollars. nepalnews.com ag Dec 30 07

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