The impact of Shariah law, both in our financial institutions and stock markets, is also becoming a part of your childs school education. As we allow the influence of Shariah Laws to seep into our stock exchanges, and large corporations, the educational system is getting our childre ready to accept it as adults. While we, for greed try to take in Middle east oil, and profit, we are setting up a future that will be dictated by Shariah Law. The teachers and textbook writers, who are secular humanists, who are mostly atheists, except whenit comes to Islam, are writing in Shariah law into the textbooks used in high schools.

“History Alive” is one of the most published and purchased textbooks in the state of California. However, what California buys, the rest of the USA ususally buys as well. Each textbook, with all the errors in it, asre used by the schools for seven years. That means seven generations of students get propaganda and are influenced by misinformation and lies. Though this is off topic for finance, it is very important to see how money influences jour educational literature, our lives, and our free speech.

The American Textbook Council has been at the forefront of the exposure of what is happening inside our kids classrooms, now it is our responsibility to invest terror free, screen our funds, and talk to our leaders in the government to become aware of this and the threat it poses to our future. Thomas Jefferson was right, and we should re read his biography.

comments by Allyson Rowen Taylor


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