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area, they specifically note that Some of our products in development will be designed without specific “Islamic” jargon in order to provide financial services to anyone. Margo I.FAQ:

Query:  Are SHAPE™ programs open only to Muslims? SHAPE™:  No!  SHAPE™ programs are meant to provide a financial advantage to any consumer.  Some of our products in development will be designed without specific “Islamic” jargon.  Nonetheless, SHAPE™ and its scholarly advisors are committed to Islamic values and Sharia’a, and believe that these are beneficial to all.

Query: Does the seller need to know anything special? Yes.  Because this is not a conventional mortgage, we have a separate and different set of documents that need to be signed at closing.  UIFC will actually purchase the home from the seller, and the seller should be aware of this.  Prior to closing, both you and the seller will need to sign an addendum to the purchase agreement acknowledging this fact. 
Also, sellers normally choose the title company where their transaction will close and most title companies are not familiar with our unique set of documents.  In an effort to streamline your closing, we recommend that you hold your closing at First American Title, as we have established a special relationship with them for you, and they are familiar with the uniqueness of this transaction.

Excerpt from 2007 University Islamic Financial Newsletter.  Proof that they are affiliated with Islamist groups in the U.S. (CAIR & MSA) University Bank is a community bank based in Ann Arbor, Michigan serving the diverse needs of all consumers and is rated Outstanding by the FDIC for community service and community reinvestment.

Link to Newsletter:

UIFC Supporting Our Community
Khalil Rammal
Islamic Business Development
We Welcome Khalil Rammal
The first quarter of 2007 started with an entourage of celebrations and semi-annual fundraising
dinners. The months of January and February included post Eid celebrations and Hajj parties for
those returning from the blessed pilgrimage. UIFC had the opportunity of sponsoring University of
Michigan Muslim Student Associations’ annual dinner. As always it was an entertaining evening of skits, musical programs and a cake baking contest. It always appears that the MSA brothers are better bakers than the sisters! We are always awed at the elaborative display by the students’ PowerPoint presentations of all their year-to-date accomplishments. It’s great to see how they incorporate structure within the realms of fun and group activities on campus. Recently we had the opportunity to join the CAIR Annual dinner banquet at the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn. In the past couple of years, we have recognized that the CAIR staff has worked extremely hard to put on an impressive presentation with a renowned speaker and a very well-organized program. This year’s keynote speaker was journalist, Robert Fisk, and through his talk and the speeches of others, we validate the strong importance and commitment of this vital organization within the Muslim community.

Mortgages: Your Islamic Bankers of IN, MD, MI, NJ, NY, OH, TX, & VA

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Uhud Cave where Prophet Muhammad
(PBUH) took rest during the Battle of Uhud

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