Here is a list of banks that are expanding the Islamic Shariah industry worldwide. Also, a link to the major periodicals that discuss Shariah Finance. In order to combat this rising influence on our banking industry, you must learn and understand what it is. This type of banking is a screen to infiltrate into a democratic economy with laws that are the opposite of what our Constitution provides. This is a way to raise money under the aegis of “clean investment” while the screens for the USA are hidden as to where ZAKAT (charity money, appox 2% needed to “cleanse” it of our “non halal” hands) goes.

comments by Allyson Rowen Taylor

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    0 Responses to List of Major Banks dealing with Shariah Finance-tools for research

    1. Rachelle Mand says:

      I understand that the Security Exchange Commission will be reviewing the Sharia financing particulars and make a ruling for US financial institutions in 2009. Is that correct? If not, What regulatory
      agency looks into this and why don’t the financial authorities who are in a position to decide, do not understand the larger ramification of adhering to Sharia law of any kind in the West. Sharia financing has little to do with finances and a lot to do with the cultural/financial jihad that is being waged on us.

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