Ahmadinejad Received Not a Single Dollar in Foreign Investment
The Iranian government boasts of attracting tens of billions of dollars in foreign investments annually, unlike the previous governments, which it alleges had failed in this regard. Yet, the Central Bank of Iran has revealed in a controversial report that the government has not been able to attract a single dollar of foreign investment since March of last year.

The report also reveals that the government has offered foreign investors tens of projects for investment but there were no takers from foreign companies. The central bank expressed its regret about the situation.

In the absence of foreign investors, the government has turned to companies owned by the Revolutionary Guards and other government agencies for investments. As a result, it was able to announce that it has attracted $4 billion of investments in the oil gas sectors last year. In reality, the government was able, during last year, to draw $400 million from savings in foreign banks, and this amount cannot be treated as a foreign investment.

Ahmadinejad has accused his opponents of distorting the facts and claimed that foreign investments are “pouring on the country like rain”. Critics ask: Where are these alleged investments? And why does the government resort to publishing false reports to mislead public opinion and claim non-existent achievements?

al-Qabas, Kuwait, February 1, 2008


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