The Silence of the Progressives is Deafening

Jila Kazerounian
February 05, 2008
Hat Tip-Margo I.
The news media report that Iran will be stoning to death two sisters convicted of adultery. The verdicts against the two sisters, Zohreh Kabiri (27) and Azar Kabiri (28) were confirmed by the 23rd branch of the Supreme Court in Iran. The sisters had already been tried and already received 99 lashes on charges of adultery. Shockingly, this was basically their second trial. In addition, a 49-year old music teacher by the name of Abdullah Farivar in Sari, Northern Iran has also been sentenced to death by stoning within a week of the two sisters.

According to the penal code of the theocratic regime in Iran, the punishment for adultery is stoning to death. The stones should be large enough to cause pain but not so large as to kill the victims instantly. The executioners bury women up to their necks and men up to their waist in the ground and have the public throw stones at them. If the victims escape, they are free to go. What are the chances for women to free themselves from this savage act when they are buried in the ground up to their neck?! None. The misogynist regime discriminates against women even in stoning them to death.

Currently there are nine women and two men awaiting the brutal punishment of stoning in Iran. There are also 9 teenagers in Gohardasht prison in Karaj waiting to be executed. Public hangings are familiar scene in the streets of Iranian cities these days. The Mullahs in Iran have no mercy. Their brutal treatment of Iranian people, and in particular those who dare to speak out or stand up against their medieval and discriminatory laws, is outrageous.

And in response to this barbarism, the silence of the Progressives in the west is deafening. They will go out of their ways to appease the dictators in Tehran, as if engaging a bunch of religious despots is the new sign of open-mindedness. They are ready to talk to the Mullahs with no pre-conditions!! Isn´t that heart-warming? No pre-conditions!! Not even requiring them to show minimal respect for the most basic human rights of their citizens. It is utterly sad to see the progressives who should stand alongside the people, so easily forget the oppressed masses and silently recognize their oppressors. It is very disturbing to watch them turn a blind eye to these executions and massacres by the fundamentalist regime ruling Iran. After all, progressives claim to be the voices of conscience and humanity; do they not? In the short run, they are not the ones who would pay for their own appeasement and conciliatory policy towards the clerical regime. Iranian people are the victims of the twisted policy of “watching the mullahs´ ruthlessness and turning your face away”. Iranian women are the ones suffering the brunt of it, as the second class citizens in a society that treats them so harshly.

Every day, the Iranian women, students, teachers and workers are protesting against the violations of their rights that are violently suppressed. They get arrested, detained and tortured. But, they do not give up until they rid themselves from dictators ruling their land. And as the Great Civil Rights leader of this land, Dr. Martin Luther King said: “In the end, they will remember not the words of their enemies but the silence of their friends”.

At the end, I would like to pose a question: What would you have done if these brutalities happened in your country, especially under the name of god and religion? Would you still sit down at the same table and negotiate in good faith with the savage murderers of your people? What would you say to stoning and daily public hangings in the streets of Washington, New York, London or Paris?

Would you still keep silent and talk unconditionally to the executioners????

I doubt it…..

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