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neotherbusiness is a business blog in the UK, and they promote Shariah compliance. I wonder if they associate Shariah Laws with the train bombings in London, the honor murders, beheadings, stonings, polygamy, and what will happen to Britain once Shariah law is the norm, and Christianity and Judeo Christian values become part of the dhimmi attitude in what was once England. This is how frightening this incidious way to inflitrate into the economies of the free world are. What is even more frightening, is the total lack of understanding by “leaders” in the industry of finance. This bending of the free world to a theocratic goverment under the guise of “religious tolerance” can permanently destroy the nature, art, free speech, and struture of the England we knew. I cannot say how much this type of political correctness and ignorance will do to re-establish the Caliphate, and soon the norm will be burkas and Shariah Law, and a type of “Farenheit 451” future. Thomas Jefferson understood this problem when establishing the USA as a new democracy, what has Britain not learned?

comments by Allyson Rowen Taylor

Sharia compliance

Posted by Andrew Mernin on February 8, 2008 9:34 AM | 

It may be some time before Islamic laws become widely accepted by British society as requested by the Archbishop of Canterbury. However, Sharia law is already alive and kicking on these shores in the finance sector.As the Muslim population of Britain grows, so too does the demand for Sharia-compliant finance packages. The basic characteristics of Islamic insurance and banking services are that you can’t earn or pay interest on loans. Also, money can only be invested in worthy causes – this is similar to the western concept of socially responsible investing.But these finance packages are not purely reserved for specialist Islamic banks. They are fast becoming a lucrative business for global banking giants.

I spent some time working in the Middle East where the major trend was that more and more Western institutions such as Axa Insurance and Barclays were turning their attention towards the rewards of Islamic finance.

There’s no doubt this trend has already reached Britain and it may only be a matter of time before every bank on the high street has realised the benefit of catering for Muslim customers.


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