Dubai International Financial Center DIFC Stock Exchange


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  1. Bella Liberty says:

    Once Middle East was sandy Desert but today it is really turned to paradise nothing less in this world famous things are lied on Middle East especially Dubai is really a paradise. But every minute I am worry for that paradise, middle east is warring condition and any minutes it can heading to nuclear war, current Israeli holds atomic bombs will save only before Iran succeed its nuclear program. If there was a nuclear war there will be no survival zone for one square foot and suddenly colorful middle east will be turned to fireball. 1n 1945 the explosions of two small atomic bombs devastate Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But today atomic bombs are 1000 times much powerful than Hiroshima bomb also that time there is only houses and human being but today Middle east his full of Gas, Oil , petrol ,and chemical tanks there one atomic bomb can destroy not only Middle East half of the world will be gone.
    Middle East peace is much depends on Iranian President Ahmadinejad.

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