Hotel chain offers guests a night in second skin
Travelodge Hotels, the UK budget lodging chain owned by Dubai International Capital, will offer its guests white skin-tight pyjamas it claims will help them sleep better.

The ”therapeutic” head-to-toe suits are made from a knitted silk material that allows skin to breathe, regulates body temperature and absorbs body odour, according to the England-based company.

Two-thirds of Britons are either too hot or too cold during the night, shows a study of 3 000 UK adults conducted by Travelodge.

”These second-skin silk PJs could benefit individuals who suffer from being too hot or cold during the night,” said the lodging chain, adding that ”women are willing to look less desirable in bed in order to keep warm” .(Is this part of modesty that they want to instill in western values? Does nudity in their hotels bother them? And who is the “expert” that made the quote that “women are willing to look less desirable in bed in order to keep warm” Why does the owner of a hotel chain care about how a woman looks or feels in bed, it is not their business. Their business is to supply a room, a bed and a heater. I think this smells of Shariah)

Travelodge already offers its guests so-called ”nodcasts”, recordings of relaxing phrases to relieve stress. The company aims to triple its UK hotels to 1 000 by 2020.(What will the phrases be? Quotes from the Queran? I think this is very bizarre-comments by Allyson Rowen Taylor)

Published on the web by Business Report on February 11, 2008.

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