Radical Islam is Growing in the USA                                                     

Harlingen, Texas, February 29, 2008: It is very difficult to understand why Americans are not enraged at the thought of any radical Islamic movement, particularly in the United States. But, being unconcerned seems to be an understatement, for Islam is rapidly expanding in this country, and there is already evidence that from evening prayer to the teachings of Islamic schools the tone is anti American and anti Christian.

We have already seen the growth of the Muslim faith in Europe. Even in England there are already calls for the country to adopt the edicts of Islamic Law.

Most have not taken the time to even learn what Islamic or Sharia Law would mean, if it became embedded in our society.

For men, radical Islam means a ban on listening to music, watching movies, television or videos. There would be a ban on celebrating any non-Muslim holiday. All people with non-Islamic names would be required to adopt an Islamic name. All men and boys would be required to have traditional haircuts and when able, they must grow beards. Prayers at mosques must be attended five times daily. They are banned from having birds. No kite flying is allowed. Anyone found with objectionable literature can be executed. No hand clapping is allowed at sporting events. The use of the Internet is banned accept by government permission. Non-Muslims must where distinctive identifying badges.

For women, all of the above apply, except for beards. In addition women are banned from working outside the home, except for selected female doctors. Women cannot leave the home unless accompanied by a male relative or husband. They cannot drive a car, deal with shopkeepers. Male doctors cannot treat them. Women must where undecorated clothing that covers them from head to foot.

A woman can be whipped if her ankles show in public. She is banned from shaking hands, laughing loudly, wearing high heeled shoes, playing sports, speaking on radio or TV, riding a bicycle or motorcycle, must not wear perfume. The woman’s clothing cannot resemble a man’s clothes. Their shoes cannot make a sound when they walk. They cannot talk to men other than family and when they do talk it must be in a very low voice. They must not look at strangers.

For a woman, the breaking of any of these bans can result in punishment. For example, in Saudi Arabia a woman found to have nail polish on her fingers, had the fingertips cut off. More severe infractions can result in a death sentence.

Granted, we are addressing the rules of radical Islam. But from where did it originate and why haven’t the so-called moderate or peaceful Muslims done something to stop these extremes? But, why be concerned. This could never happen in America. Right!!!

For those who think there should be no concern about the rapid expansion of the Islamic faith in the United States, consider the following:

In 1960 we had 20 mosques in the United States. By 1994 that number had grown to 962 and in 2000 there were 1,209. Today an estimated 2,300 mosques, plus storefronts, meeting rooms and student centers are spread across the country. These mosques and centers are used as a form of political and social mobilization, under the cloak of religion.

More than 90% of Muslim leaders say they should be involved in the political process, and it should be noted they are increasingly assuming positions within the public arena.

For some strange reason, when viewing the growth of Islam in the United States, Americans are about as complacent as they are relative to most political activities.

Though reported on back in 2002 by World Net Daily that “Every time you fill up your tank you may be helping to finance an Islamic mosque in America” and that “Some of the largest mosques and Islamic Centers in America are funded by the royal government of Saudi Arabia, which gets most of its revenue from oil exports”, we have still continued to ignore the fact that we are facing a serious problem.

Our government keeps telling us that Saudi Arabia is our friend. This flies in the face of undisputed facts including 15 of the 19 highjackers who crashed aircraft into New York and Washington D.C. were Saudi citizens. It also ignores the fact that the Saudi government continues to finance the advancement of “Wahhabism”, one of the most violent strains of Islam and that most Saudi citizens adhere to this anti American sect.

In the past 33 years the Saudi government has poured more than $87 billion into expanding the Muslim faith in America. There are an estimated 6 million Muslims in the United States today and many of them were converts from Christianity or had no prior religious preference. It is estimated that up to 90% of the converts are African-American.

While 64% of Saudis have an unfavorable view of the United States, 57% of the black Muslims in America look upon this country as an immoral society. A full 70% of our “American” black Muslims believe the United States brought about the attacks of 9-11.

This is not random speculation. Homeland Security has conducted an undercover survey of mosques and Islamic schools across the United States. It has found that 3 out of 4 mosques preach anti west extremism, widespread radicalism and all things anti American.

Undercover counterterrorism agents who speak Arabic and understand the culture have now conducted reconnaissance at some 2,300 mosques and centers in every state of the union. Though the study has not yet been made public, again, according to World Net Daily, “the vast majority are inciting insurrection and jihad through sermons by Saudi-trained imams and anti western literature, videos and textbooks.”

However, when members of the media, or political candidates bring up the subject of this growing threat, they are branded as practicing racial profiling, anti Muslim or unpatriotic. Government officials keep telling everyone that the Muslim world is friendly, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. The majority in congress tell force the nation into Arab oil servitude, by refusing to allow serious drilling in our own country and spending more time trying to make the enemy out of “Big Oil”, instead of mid eastern threats.

All of this will continue to unfold, from the American advancement of Islam to the flow of more mid east money to advance terrorism…and all because Americans spend their time being angry at our own politicians and have little or no concern about an ever increasing threat being imported from abroad.


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