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A cultural, ideological, and religious jurisprudence perpetuates the
Islamist abuse of women and children. In an interview with Radio Free Dar
al Harb (RFDAH), Cassandra, author of Escape! From An Arab Marriage,
discussed supporting evidence that documents the suffering of women and
children under the Islamist doctrine, why women should avoid such
relationships, and how to protect themselves once they are in one. Due to
time restrictions, the participants addressed only a portion of this global
scourge. The following will summarize Cassandra’s main conclusions from the
interview, identify areas she will address in future interviews with RFDAH,
and outline RFDAH’s analysis of current events related to this issue.

Cassandra, Author of Escape! From An Arab Marriage

A survivor of one such nefarious scheme, Cassandra has dedicated her life to
creating awareness about relationships with Arab/Islamists, especially
Saudis. Though the motivation for initiating her work, Cassandra does not
solely rely on her own story, and through extensive research, has identified
a disturbing trend of Arab Islamists arriving in the West for the sole
purpose of taking a Western bride to acquire citizenship and produce more
Muslims. In case after documented case, Arab Islamists charm unsuspecting
women into marriage and then reveal their true colors. The pattern is
roughly as follows, a 12 step process of suffering:

1. Arab Islamist arrives in the West on a student visa.

2. He identifies a female citizen to charm into marriage, preferably
one with pre-existing submissive tendencies.

3. Convince the female that Arab Muslim patterns are just
stereotypes- either through persuasive argument or orchestrated visit to his

4. Marry, apply for citizenship, and produce children, preferably

5. Upon children, in utero or otherwise, persuade or intimidate wife
and children to visit the Muslim Arab’s home country.

6. Upon arrival in Muslim Arab’s home country, wife and children are
subjected to Islamic Jurisprudence and culture which in effect, leaves her
life, and the life of her children, at the husband’s discretion which
includes unquestioned power of life and death over them.

7. Wife will endure any of the following: limited and/or complete
restrictions of basic freedoms and rights, mental, sexual, and physical
abuse, be one of several of her husband’s wives, the loss of her children,
and possible death.

8. Children will endure any of following: limited and/or complete
restrictions of basic freedoms and rights; mental, sexual, and physical
abuse; forced conversation to Islam; forced education focused on the
Islamist agenda; arranged marriages of girls from age 9+ for a price; and
possible death.

9. The US embassy will not assist the wife in winning custody of her
children due to either “special relationships” between the countries, and/or
the children are now considered citizens of their new country. Nor will the
State Department help American women and children escape the country.

10. Winning back her children will cost more than a house with only slim
chance of success.

11. Even if the wife and children never travel overseas, the husband may
still kidnap them and take them to his native home. Before disappearing, the
husband will take all jointly owned financial assets.

12. Those women and children able to escape will most likely need to
change names, relocate, live in fear, and require years of therapy.

Cassandra’s recommendations for women are as follows:

1. Do not get involved in a relationship with a Muslim Arab, especially
a Saudi.

2. If you are in one, end it no matter what he says. Put your survival

3. Do not travel abroad with him, especially to the Middle East.

4. Do not get pregnant.

5. If you are pregnant, terminate, do not tell him, break ties, and
move away.

6. If you give birth, do not put the father’s name on the birth
certificate so he does not have legal claim to the baby.

7. If you are already married and have children, and especially if you
suspect something: before beginning divorce proceedings, end all joint
accounts and get individual ones; keep your children’s birth certificates
with a relative or other safe place; never travel abroad; never leave the
children alone with the husband; remarry and have your new husband adopt
children; give the children the new husband’s name.

Though some of these recommendations may seem quite harsh, they are the
lessons learned from Cassandra’s analysis of numerous case studies and
custody cases. Her recommendations were not easily arrived at and reflect
no sense of fulfillment other than to allow women to benefit from the pain
and suffering so many others endure. More of Cassandra’s recommendations
can be found in her book Escape! From An Arab Marriage: Horror Stories of
Women Who Fled From Abusive Muslim Husbands.

An Abominable Conflagration

Beyond the demonstrated pattern to con western women into marriage and the
harsh measures necessary to protect against it, Cassandra illuminates the
troubling ideological, cultural, and Islamic jurisprudence that generated
and sustains this behavior. An Islamist ideology, hyper-masculine culture,
and Shariah law form the primary components of an evil that perpetuates the
abuse of women and children throughout the world. During the RFDAH
interview, and through her written documentation, Cassandra cited numerous
Islamist teachings that promote the inferiority and abuse of women and
girls, a hyper-masculine culture that grants males immunity for their
actions with females the most common scape-goats, and a cannon of Islamic
jurisprudence that deprives women of equal civil and legal rights. In
totality, this abominable conflagration manufactures the mental, physical,
and sexual abuse of women and children, with such permissibility as to
render banal even the most depraved act. To wit, the kind of individuals
America would lock up and throw away the key, this system upholds as the
cultural norm.

Even Cassandra’s most cursory outline of permissible behavior leaves those
raised in a Western society in such shock as to trigger an immediate desire
for denial. Therein, lies the principal problem for most Western women in a
relationship with an Arab/Islamist. Westerners are loathe to accept the
existence of such an anathema to our values, and therefore tend to accept
even the weakest of excuses rather than acknowledge such a damning reality.
As a Westerner, especially an American, acknowledgement requires action, and
far too often, many choose denial to action. Herein, foreign invaders
exploit a principal American attribute, the belief in the best of mankind,
to wage war wielding womb as weapon.

Cassandra’s Next Work and Appearance

Through two upcoming works, Cassandra unflinchingly documents a litany of
depravities unleashed by a culture facilitating all manner of male carnal
predilections. From child brides to genital mutilation, Cassandra will
document in unsparing detail these dark secrets kept cloaked by “special
relationships” and a media bereft of sufficient courage to address.

In 33 Secrets Arab Men Never Tell American Women: A Dissection of How
Muslims Treat Women and Infidels” and “Freedom or Servitude in America?
What Muslim Terrorists Are Doing to Make Every Man, Woman, and Child a Slave
of Allah and Islam, Cassandra will, if nothing else but through sheer volume
of information, alert the reader to severity of the abuse and thereby
beseech some measure of action from the otherwise indifferent. Cassandra
will be signing her books during the Expo America New Title Showcase at the
Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA on May 29 – June 1, 2008.

Her website is: www.escapefromanara bmarriage. com.

Cassandra will continue to address the abysmal depth of this issue in future
RFDAH interviews. Listen to the voice of the voiceless at:
blogtalkradio. com/radiofreedar alharb.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Not content to be confined to the Islamist domicile, this malignant cancer
sends its tendrils to grip any and all manifestations of female freedom. In
all manner of incarnation the Islamist wages and unrelenting assault
manifest in honor killings, child brides, rape, Shaheed, and transformation
of the very vessel of life into a perverse Islamist armament factory. The
inability of Western society, particularly American, to rebuff this true
culture of death reflects a society lulled into deep water that merely
abides the time before its eventual drowning by commenting on the calming
nature of the swells that will surely submerge and snuff out its life. In
order to stem this particular current, the US government must revive the
atrophied muscles of its moral core and our academic institutions and
women’s rights advocates must reprioritize life before polemics.

Yes, you were raped, but for the good of the family, I must kill you

The only facet of honor killings more repulsive than the act itself is the
manner by which the media aids and abets this travesty. As if honor
killings were not repulsive enough, a multi-cultural possessed media,
readily serves as the willing dhimmi serf herald for its Islamist overlord.
With an astounding dereliction of duty and staggering compromising of
objective integrity, the recent publicized spate of honor killings in North
reveals a media in submissive repose. Media not only their failed
to sufficiently report the facts but in some instances actually did the
bidding of their Islamist masters by casting aspersions on all but the
guilty parties. The Islamist-media collaboration to report findings the
facts do no substantiate provides frightful testimony that the victors do
indeed write history. Principal upon their efforts at altering history is
their consistent denial that the Islamist culture promotes honor killings.

As with all taqqiya (institutionalized lying and deceit), they split hairs
about the slit throats. Fortunately, several astute members of the
anti-Islamist resistance bravely calls this double speak to account.
Anti-CAIR Director, Andrew Whitehead describes the connection between three
recent honor killings as “All three of these cases had in common a single
faith, Islam; a brutal murder at the hands of a family member; and were
committed against Muslim females.” [1]

Beyond this abhorrent combination of religion and culture imposing its wrath
upon a gender, the multi-cultural sycophants proselytize their gospel of
relativism to further exacerbate the tragedy visited upon young women
attempting to live life in any period other than 7th century Arabia.
Unfortunately, Aqsa Parvez is just one of many victims, in a Canada “where
multiculturalism through adherence of backward cultures and religious
beliefs come before women’s and children’s rights” and the refusal to end
this acquiescence and confront these barbarous practices facilitates
“cultural ghettoes [that] have become an ideal haven to crush any desire in
women to be free.”[2]

Regarding the Aqsa Pervez honor killing, the media’s infatuation with
multi-culturalism not only dishonors the victim by masking the true nature
of the crime, but aids and abets the obvious taqqiya of Muslim “civil
rights” organizations. That CAIR-Canada felt comfortable characterizing an
honor killing as “a problem that cuts Canadian society,” [3] demonstrates
their masterful exploitation of multi-culturalism, and a complicit media, to
lump an honor killing unique to a singular population into the macro
domestic violence statistics of a pre-existing populace with no history of
such slaughter. CAIR-Canada has good reason to trust a sympathetic media
to do its bidding as the Toronto Star published a story that “accuses a
supposedly racist Canadian society for being equally responsible for the
cultural ‘tension’ in Muslim families concerning the issue of head
coverings.”[ 4] CAIR-Canada’ s efforts go beyond spinning a story and
demonstrate the taqqiya of an organization that answers to Saudi interests.
It strains credulity that an organization supportive of Wahhabist Islam
would renounce the Islamic jurisprudence and culture that holds women as
inferior and permits domestic abuse. Would CAIR-Canada specifically

* Egyptian Mufti Ali Gum’a’s comments on adulterers: “I favor killing

* Iran’s ruling that “the testimony of two women equates with that of
one man” and that “the blood money paid to the family of a female crime
victim is half the sum paid for a man.”[6]

* Sheikh Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, president of Cairo’s distinguished Islamic
learning center Al-Azhar University, who “described the proper method of
wife-beating” as “Its not really like beating.its more like punching.”[7]

Was CAIR Canada the first and foremost to protest:

* The Saudi punishment of a gang rape victim with 200 lashes and six
months in prison?[8]

* The Iranian death sentence for a would-be rape victim who
successfully defended herself by fatally stabbing one of her three

* The Jordanian Supreme Criminal Appeal Court’s decision to reduce the
15 year sentence of a brother who strangled his sister to death?[10]

Perhaps their, and their ilk’s, conspicuous silence and prominent
obfuscation stems from their agreement with Saudi cleric, Abd Al-Aziz
Al-Fawzan’s statements that the “twisted nature of women stems from their
very creation”?[11]

The same malignant pattern of barbaric honor killing and denial repeated
itself a few short months later in Dallas, Texas with the murder of Sarah
and Amina Yasir Said by there father. Though the great-aunt of these young
victims describes their deaths as honor killings, the Imams speaking at
their funeral refused to acknowledge, confront, and decry this issue.[12]

Islamist 5th column groups and their dhimmi media mouthpieces cannot wield
enough ink to obscure the blood spilt from honor killings. While honor
killings represent an easily identifiable manifestation of Islamist views on
women and children, they are the low hanging and rotted fruit on this tree
of Muslim butchery.

Who doesn’t want their 6th grade daughter to be one of a 50 year old man’s

One of the principals of Islamist religious foundations is that Mohammed, as
Allah’s prophet, was the penultimate example of man. If Mohammed is their
model, then it stands to reason that they support and hold polygamy and
pedophilia as acceptable. Mohammed had many wives, of which, Aisha was his
favorite. A true gentleman, Mohammed, in his 50’s, married her when she was
6, but waited a full three years to consummate the marriage.[13] Just one
example of the continuation of this practice in western Islamsist colonies
comes from Londonistan. The author of a British select committee report,
Dr. Nazia Khanum, concludes that approximately 3000 forced marriages in
Luton alone is the “tip of the iceberg.”[14] Given that an area dominated
by Islamists widely supports forced marriages, it stands to follow that, as
adherent Islamists, they abide by Mohammed’s depraved example which they use
as an excuse to continue forced marriages involving children.

Bleeding and Breeding: Rape, Shaheed, and Demographics as a Weapons

Honoring a format developed 1400 years ago by Mohammed and the “Rightly
Guided Ones,” modern Islamists use rape and demographics to overwhelm
indigenous resistance as well as currently convincing women their only
salvation is through either raising martyrs or martyring themselves.

Dated Rape

Islamist expansion has a long and documented history of rape. Though
generally referred to as concubines or slaves, these have been the
magnanimous occupations Islamists have afforded female captives they would
have otherwise killed. The terror for women facing life under Islamist
aggression was such that Hindu women would rather burn to death.
Accordingly, Hindu women adopted the practice of throwing themselves on
their husband’s funeral pyre rather than endure a lifetime as a servant of
Muslim warlords.[15] Rape though not unique to war, is unique in the manner
Islamists continue its use as a weapon to create more Muslims and terrify
enemies. No stronger modern example can be found than Sudan’s Islamist
regime for which rape and the AK-47 are used with equal application.

Boy Bombs, Destructive Moms, and the Womb as Weapon

That mothers gleefully anticipate, and a people celebrates, a son’s
murder-suicide demonstrates the culture of death the West has failed to
appreciate. This is particularly troubling given the wide spread financial
compensation provided to families in exchange for the use of their boy as
bomb.[16] In case eternal salvation wasn’t enough, parents can now earn
cold hard cash for their child’s life.

That a women’s religious and societal standing is so inferior that the
euphemism of martyrdom provides certain enhancement of her eternal value
demonstrates a system that perpetuates a warped sense of self-worth and
values. MEMRI wonderfully documents one such women’s internet support forum
full of desires to: “hope to turn my body into slivers to tear the sons of
Zion to pieces, and knock with their skulls on the Gates of Paradise.” [17]

Fallaci identifies the disturbing Islamist ideas that compel women to have
children for the sole purpose that they might martyr themselves. That Islam
is the driving force behind this perversion is evidence when Fallaci
recounts an interview with Aisha, an Italian convert, wife to Abdul Qadir
Etcetera (an Al Qaeda official deported back to Senegal), and leader of a
the monthly Al Mujahida, the Female Fighters who “constantly implored Allah
to produce millions and millions martyrs.” [18]

In that same interview, Aisha also expounds on the weapon of the womb, and
how through sheer demographics Islamists plan to achieve their goals:

“One day Rome will be a domain, the domain of Islam. In a sense, by the way,
it already is. There are so many Muslims, there. So many. Besides, we are
everywhere. Thousands and thousands, millions. But you shouldn’t be
frightened. This doesn’t mean we want to conquer you with armies, with
weapons. We don’t need it, I repeat. In the end, we don’t need your
conversions either. Because whereas you are halved, you are in zero growth.
On the contrary, we are as fertile as a soil well manured. At each
generation we grow. Day by day we double, and more than double.”[19]

Rape, explosives, and demographics are all methods by which Islamists
continue to turn women from a giver of life into an arms factory.

Fighting the Good Fight

In order for the West to engage this front of the broader dhimmi resistance
campaign, government policy must begin supporting our citizens who are
trapped in Islamist marriages abroad, afford due inclusion of Islamist
history and practices among women’s studies programs, and recruit women’s
rights advocates as allies in this struggle.

Uncle Sam, Roll Up Your Sleeves!

As Cassandra aptly documents, the US government routinely ignores the plight
of US women and children suffering in relationships in countries with which
it has a “special relationship. ” While refusing assistance to its citizens,
the US readily grants student visas to the males of these “special”
countries. Accordingly, the US should resurrect some semblance of moral
fortitude and common sense and deny visas to all countries that harbor
abducted US children.

Spotlight Dark Areas

David Horowitz and Robert Spencer identify that US academic institutions are
woefully deficient in their examination of Islamist abuse of women and
children. As such, they offer a challenge and solid recommendations to
correct this academic omission. [20]

Rosie the Riveter Where are You?

Women’s rights groups in the US remain conspicuously silent on the abuse
women and children suffer under Islamist aggression. One of the most
awesome forces on earth is the American woman, and she, and her organized
support groups could be a force more powerful if they would actively engage
this issue instead of issuing polemics.

The continuing failure to address the domestic and foreign Islamist abuses
of women and children only further emboldens the Islamist aggressors who
would yet have the US yield under its boot. After all, if they can do this
to US women and children, what is to stop them from imposing their will on
men too. Never mind, they already have. As Bridgette Gabriel correctly
asserted in an interview on Atlas on Air, talk without action amounts to
nothing, and its time for Americans to start walking tall[21]. Our first
step in defending US women and children from Islamist aggression will truly
be a giant stride forward in the survival of this grand experiment in


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