This film has been removed by Network Solutions and Google Video. This is censorship by pressure from the Muslims. This is what Shariah law is all about. This is the beginning of what life under Shariah law looks like. We must not succumb to the terrorism, or the threat of terrorism, otherwise we lose the war anyway. This is just “submission”. We must not allow ourselves to become Dhimmi’s, or allow Islam to enter our democratic way of life. Democracy and Theocracy do not mix. They are both goverments. Islam is a government, we must not forget this.

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March 23, 2008

Dutch fear attacks over Islam film

The Netherlands is bracing itself for an international backlash as Geert Wilders, a maverick right-wing MP, prepares to release an anti-Islamic film that is already causing anger.

Critics fear the much-hyped film Fitna, which criticises the Koran, could lead to bloodshed in Muslim countries, damage Dutch business interests and endanger the lives of Dutch troops in Afghanistan.

Wilders – who has received death threats from Islamic extremists – has promised to release the film before the end of March despite pleas from the Dutch government and mounting unrest in the Muslim world.

The actual content of the 15-minute film has been kept tightly under wraps, even from the Dutch prime minister and security officials.

But Wilders revealed in January that it featured a split screen with verses from the Koran alongside examples of Sharia law, including scenes of beheadings and stonings. He has added that he wants the film to show that “Islam and the Koran are part of a fascist ideology that wants to kill everything we stand for in western democracy”.

Dutch broadcasters have refused to show the video but Wilders has indicated that he plans to air it on the internet.

The Dutch government is wary of infringing his freedom of speech and has not sought to ban the film but has branded it “irresponsible” and begun a preemptive diplomatic campaign.

Already, 15,000 people have protested in Afghanistan against the film, burning Dutch flags.

Nato commanders say that the Taliban could use it to whip up more anger and the Dutch ambassador in Malaysia said protests could lead to “dozens of deaths”. Indonesia, the most populous Muslim nation, said the film would threaten peace.

In a speech to the European parliament in Strasbourg this year, the Grand Mufti of Syria warned of global consequences. “If there is unrest, bloodshed and violence after the broadcast of the Koran film, Wilders will be responsible,” he said.

The film has been compared to the Danish cartoons of the prophet Muhammad. More than 100 people died in ensuing riots after they were published in 2006.


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