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U.S. Blind to Economic Jihad
March 25, 2008 | From

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America should welcome capital investments from sovereign wealth funds,
President George W. Bush asserted on March 14. “It’s our money to begin
with,” he claimed, referring to the $95 trillion in the pockets of opec
states, “[and it] seems like we ought to let it come back.”

Such thinking is naive and seriously flawed, say
<http://www.washingt article/20080322 /EDITORIAL/ 806616344/ 1013>
Rachel Ehrenfeld and Alyssa A. Lappen in the Washington Times: “Dollars may
be ‘coming back,’ but they do so with strings attached, giving foreigners
huge leverage and control over the U.S. currency and economy.” Oil trading
at near all-time highs is putting roughly $2.4 billion per day in the
pockets of Middle East oil producers. Such leverage is unprecedented, and
Islamic oil-producing states motivated by a religious creed mandating
economic jihad know it.

The Times continues:

What will it take for the United States to recognize the far more dangerous
and important part of that jihadeconomic warfare (financial jihad, or
al-jihad bi-al-mal)-which the Saudis and Gulf States now aggressively also
pursue? Sharia mandates that Muslims fund jihad: Qur’an 61:10-11, “strive
for the cause of Allah with your wealth and your lives ..” And Koran 49:15,
“(true) believers are only those who . strive with their wealth and their
lives for the cause of Allah.” “Financial jihad [is] . more important . than
self-sacrificing, ” says Saudi Islamic cleric and Muslim Brother Hamud bin
Uqla al-Shuaibi.

Since 9/11, U.S. foreign policy has been shaped by the recognition that this
nation is at war with radical Islam. Today, America’s widespread economic
instability has created a need for foreign intervention so great that it is
blinding the American government to the reality that economic jihad is
another theater of Islam’s broader war against America. U.S. economic
policy, like its foreign policy, ought also to be shaped by this

The Times concluded:

While the U.S. currency weakens and Saudi and Gulf interests continue their
binge buying of strategic U.S. assets and financial institutions, their
petrodollars lure more and more ignorant, and even desperate American
bankers and investors into the purported glimmer of sharia banking-a
gold-plated Islamic money pit. .

[But] without emergency measures to redirect U.S. economic policy and market
regulations, the petrodollar- and sharia-driven takeover of America will
indeed endanger national and global security. .


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