Dreaded roadside kidney sale





Manzoor Qadir




LAHORE: A poverty-stricken man inadvertently made a mockery of the government clampdown on the sale of human organs when he displayed a banner on the back of his rickshaw seeking kidney-buyer.
The 2-line advertisement follows a telephone number for prospective buyers.

This banner is a smack on the claims made by government on economic gains and much talked about trickle-down effect of the prosperity so achieved. On one side reports of poor families committing suicides are regularly appearing in the national press and on the other hand depression among the masses just because of sky rocketing prices is enlarging every passing day.

It is mostly the poor who are pressed hard to sell their organs and raise money to meet basic necessities, and this rickshaw driver is no exception. The man might be jobless or frustrated by his repeated failures in earning an honest living – a picture quite contrary to the claims made shamelessly by the government about burgeoning economic wellbeing and prosperity.

The reality is that the plight of the poor is strangling them day by day. According to a study, around one million youth in the Punjab province only are forced to live on just one kidney as their economic disparity has forced them to engage in the heinous trade of human organs.

Thousands of poverty-stricken labourers, mostly working at factories and brick kilns in the urban and rural areas of Punjab, are involved in selling one kidney for a petty amount with the assistance of the organ-mafia. But now desperate sellers are looking for buyers.




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