Dubai: The UAE-based family business that was in talks to bring an Israeli clothing chain to Dubai dropped plans to do so after the story surfaced in the Israeli media, the chain’s owner told Gulf News.
In a phone interview from Tel Aviv in June last year, Avi Malka, CEO and Chairman of ML, a plus-size clothing chain, confirmed Israeli media reports that a UAE business family was interested in bringing the Israeli chain to Dubai, but said that it backed out in fear of arousing controversy at home.
“The UAE family was going to import the clothes from our franchisee in France, but told us they would reconsider once it was publicised in the media,” said Avi Malka.


It is illegal for Israeli businesses and individuals to operate in the UAE as per the Arab League’s primary boycott of Israel. Malka said that registering the store as a French company would act as a loophole to open in Dubai.

He refused to name the family, saying it would jeopardise the business potential between the two parties in the future.

The story has since been circulating via email in the UAE. Gulf News readers have also written to protest the alleged move.

Malka said he was keen on doing business in Dubai, “not for money, but to make peace through business”.

ML’s clothes, according to Malka, are manufactured in Israel. The company also has outlets in Jewish “colonies” built on occupied land, such as the illegal Ma’ale Adumin. (Arab Propagana)