Manufacturers and Garment Manufacurers are trying to upscale the market for wearing Hihab. This is a way to try to influence Western Women, that this type of modesty is sexy. The use of Western Models, with loads of makeup is contrary to what the hijab is about. This garment is to avert the gaze of men, who cannot control their sexual urges, and upon seeing a womans arms, or ankles, will fly into a rage and commit acts of copulation that will make him a stud, and doom the women to death by beheading or stoning. This layout is a lie. It is taqiyya, and propaganda to promote Islam and Shariah into the west. The current Layout at W magazine is also part of the promotion of Shariah and trying to show us “beauty by circumcision”. We will be seeing a lot more of the beautification of ugly. This is part of the spread of the caliphate, and by using the victims of Shariah, women, to portray the “beauty” of being less than a full human being by law, it is an attempt to spread the word of Allah by advertising, marketing and slick ads and fashion spreads.


We must not fall victim to the incidious nature of this type of hype. We will be seeing more of it in movies, TV, and other forms of media, and it is an attempt to sway us to believe that Islam is the only way. We must NOT SUBMIT!
Check the links below to see how to further imprison oneself and become a dhimmit and a slave to shariah.

comments by Allyson Rowen Taylor


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