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 Muhammad cartoon court case financed by Saudis


Danish Muslim organizations suing
<http://islamineurop e.blogspot. com/2008/ 05/denmark- newspaper- editors-sued. ht
ml> the editors of Jyllands-Posten are being financed by a Saudi

Ismain Bin-jabahr, head of the Islamic Society of Fyn says that they are
poor associations who use all their money for their buildings and so don’t
have money for a court case.

The court case is therefore financed by the International Association for
Protecting the Prophet [ed. I’m not sure which organization this is
exactly]. The association was established on March 2006 in reaction to the
Danish Muhammad cartoons. They collect money among the world’s Muslims in
order to inform about Muhammad and protect him.

Bin-Jabahr does not know how much the court case costs, but he’s sure they
will skyrocket.

The associations participating in the court case: The Islamic Society,
Islamic Information Center, Equality and Brotherhood Association (Lighed og
broderskabsforening en), Arab Cultur Center, Islamic Society of Fyn, Arab
Friendship Association and the Arabic Cultur Association


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