Oslo police recently released its 2007 Rape Report.  The report shows a marked increase in Somali rapists, generally on account of gang rapes.

The transcript below is not complete (in the original)


At least ten women were attacked and molested by a gang of Somali men at Sofienberg park in Oslo on Saturday evening.

Last year a record-high 161 rapes and 35 rape attempts were reported in Oslo.  Over 70% of the rapists were non-Norwegian [ed. ethnically, a majority had Norwegian citizenship].
Lawyer Abid Raja visited a cafe in Grønland in Oslo for Norwegian broadcaster P4.  There he met three young men (ages 26, 30 and 35), from Somalia and Senegal.

The men, who refused to have their names published, spoke with P4 about the rape and robbery wave hitting the city.

A: Honestly?  Norwegians are horrible!

Q: What are you thinking about?

A: I’m thinking of everything.  Not least the food is bad.  (He then speaks of the fact that Muslims don’t eat pork).

Q: What do you think of Norwegian women then?

A: They’re something completely different, he says as his friends laugh.

A: But listen now, Norwegian girls complain that foreign boys do this and that, but the reason there are so many rapes is that Norwegian girls go around almost completely naked!  That’s like saying “come here and fuck me”, you understand?
Q: You’re saying that Norwegian girls are asking to be raped?

A: Not exactly asking, but when then go out almost completely naked and get completelydrunk in Frogner park or go to a party together with some friend, and then they complain about being raped?  It’s their fault, says the 26 year old from Somalia.

Q: But even if they go around lightly dressed  and get drunk then they’re certainly not asking to be raped?

A: No, but many of the foreigners aren’t used to this where they come from.  They’re not accustomed that girls go dressed as they want, then maybe they interpret this a bit wrong, you understand?

Regarding the gang who attacked several girls, threw them down and tore off their clothes in Sofienberg park in Grünerløkka, the men explain this saying that the boys were very young.

A: Weren’t these boys young?  Such as 13-14 years old?  I think this was curiosity as to how girls look.  They were so young that they didn’t know what they were doing, says the 35 year old Somali.

The 30 year old comes from Senegal and thinks African men respect women, but that attack rapes happen when the men drink.

A: We who come from Senegal don’t like to speak with Norwegian men, but we like Norwegian women.  That’s because in African culture they respect women, but not men.

Q: But why do young African men attack Norwegian women?

A: Such things happen now and then.  When we drink too much and get drunk it happens that we attack them, but if we don’t drink, we don’t attack Norwegian women – but respect them, says the Senegalese, who speaks in bad English.

The 26 year old Somali speaks the most.  He thinks his and hiw friend’s points of view represent the attitudes of many in the Somali community.

Q: You don’t think many will be scared that you have such attitudes if P4 broadcasts this interview on the radio?

A: Just broadcast it, because this is true.  There is the way things are – it’s the facts.  I’m not lying.  I’ve never been with a Norwegian lady, but I’ve been with many Norwegian girls – they are fairly nice and very skilled in bed.

Source: P4 (Norwegian), h/t Snaphanen (Danish) 

Note: The audio interview is under ‘lyd’ on the right hand side.  It’s mostly in Norwegian, but the Senegalese speaks in English towards the end.

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2 Responses to If Norwegian Women get raped by Somali men, “its the women’s fault” according to the rapists

  1. mukololo says:

    rapists and madures should be castrated in any manner applicable.period.

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