Some time ago DP111 said that Britain was at the top terror state in the axis of terror and as such he would not be at all surprised if the US did not put severe restraints an conditions on people traveling to the US from the UK.

Readers of this and other blogs will know how true his words were and still are and is it any surprise that Europol have now come to the same conclusion albeit somewhat later than DP111 did.


Britain is focal point for terrorism, warns Europe’s police force

From the article

Britain is the focal point for Islamic terrorism across Europe, and its controversial military campaigns overseas are putting the entire continent at risk, a disturbing new report has warned.

An analysis of the terrorist threat by Europol, the European Police Office, has concluded that the dangers posed by militant groups rose to unprecedented proportions in 2007, with steep increases in the number of arrests, plots and attacks.

Of course it has to be OUR fault that this is happening, its Britain’s Foreign policy thats at fault, well what else did you expect the Europeans to say.

France and Germany will not take any responsibility for their part in creating the Muslim mess this country is now in, over the years they could have stopped many of the illegal immigrants getting to the UK but no, they allowed hoards of people from North Africa, Pakistan and other Middle Eastern countries to pass through their countries, make camps like Sangatte, fed and clothed them while they the illegal immigrant waited for an opportunity to enter the UK.

France and Germany are the main architects of the Euromed policy that allowed full access to Europe( as long as it was not France or Germany) for all of the North African countries which are largely Islamic.

The British Government in its patent stupidity did little or nothing to stem the tide of Islam coming into the UK and thus the seeds of the present day situation were sown, we are now reaping the dubious benefits.

Our Government is a terrorized Government, one of the aims of terrorism is to make people so afraid of the consequences if they do not comply to the demands of the terrorist, make no mistake Islam is a terror organization, the Koran is a handbook on terror, all Muslims follow the Koran therefore all Muslims are terrorists, they may not be running amok on the streets carrying guns but the threat of that happening is what terrifies our Government and that is why they pamper and fawn to Islam.

It is therefore not at all surprising that this country of ours has become the No1 Muslim terror base in Europe.

We in the UK allow the terrorist to hold the keys to the country, this is demonstrated very clearly at nearly all of our airport security check in/ out areas, most are staffed by Muslims

Groups like Hizb ut Tahrir are allowed free reign, Imams are allowed to incite Muslims and call for the demise of this country, we are told in our places of work that we MUST accept Islam and respect it

The Government pours millions of taxpayers money into ” social cohesion” and then overtly discriminates against non Muslims by excluding them from any process or consultation – our views are NEVER sought

Polygamy and incest is allowed in the Muslim Communities as are forced marriages and I feel that there is a tacit acceptance of honour killings by the UK Government.

Terrorists who were in Guantanamo Bay are brought back here and set free, given housing, money and health care, they protest their innocence- only to be re-arrested a few years later for “terrorist” activities.

Because our Government is terrorized, they in turn terrorize the public, this is done by introducing a raft of legislation that penalizes the individual for non compliance(subjugation) and at the same time removes or restricts any of the rights they may have had.

Multitudes of Islamic organizations are supported by the Government, all of these organizations are there to do but one thing and that is to spread the word of Islam postulating that it is a Religion of Peace and all they want is peaceful integration.

Our education system is riddled with Islam and has descended into a prosylization system targeting our young children.

Our Government is also infiltrated by Islam, we have Muslim peers and MPs, the Muslim is not my peer and never will be.

So you see it is not surprising with all of this going on that the UK is now the No 1 “terror” base in Europe.





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