Alhamdulillah for lloyds TSB Bank

This post was sent out through a different forum some time back but it makes sense to repeat it here.

London as the Jihahi’s would like to see it.

Yesterday one of the major British High Street banks announced that they are beginning to offer Islamic Banking to their Muslim customers, Allahu Akbar.

They quite rightly state that official figures of 2 million Muslims in Britain is too valuable a market to ignore. Far from denounce the banks I applaud them for their astuteness. Apparently Muslims will have a say in how the money from those accounts gets invested. Some will argue that this is more power and influence being accorded to the Muslims.

Some may wonder why this this announcement a good thing for the Muslims. Ten reasons are set out below:

1. It confirms that by sheer numbers alone the kuffar realise that Muslims are a force to be reckoned with. 

2. UK Muslims will themselves realise that financially they represent a significant value to the UK economy

3. Islamic banks will probably not be able to compete with the high street banks and thus hopefully close down.

4. Seeing the kuffar in control of “Islamic banking” will force Muslims to wake up and realise that “something” is wrong with that.

5. Muslims will realise that Islamic banking is absolutely no different than having Islamic pork, Islamic adultery or of course “Islamic Riba” which is exactly what banking is.

6. Muslims and others will realise that the banks do not make their significant money from charging interest or other bank charges but that they make it from literally making money out of nothing, and that any single pound deposited in a UK bank permits them to lend out at least ten times that amount, at interest.

7. Muslims will realise that they must obey Allah in His command of paying the Zakat and in His prohibition of abandoning riba (see Umar Vadillo’s Fatwa on Banking).

8. Muslims will realise that in both establishing Zakat and abandoning riba we must return to using the Islamic Gold Dinar (IGD) and Silver Dirham (ISD)

9. The Open Trade Network ( and other similar organisations striving to establish Islamic trade will gain increased support from UK and other Muslims.

10. UK based Muslims and others will join the growing movement of communities striving to establish Zakat ( according to the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.


Ma Salama


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