A MUSLIM pharmacist told a couple he couldn’t give them emergency contraception because it was against his religious beliefsSainsbury’s Goes Dhimmi


Chris Mellett and Kaye Walsh went to a Sainburys chemist to buy the morning-after pill but were told they couldn’t have it – because the pharmacist didn’t agree with it.

Mum-of-two Kaye said: “I was absolutely flabbergasted. I’m a 36-year-old woman, not a child. I respect other people’s religions, but when it affects my life it’s not on.

“Surely the pharmacist has a duty of care? If religion comes into it he should change his job.”

Their usual form of contraception failed on Friday night, so by Sunday the 72-hour deadline for taking the pill was fast approaching.

The couple, from Shelley Grove, Droylsden were told to go to Sainsburys in Denton but with 15 minutes from closing time they knew they wouldn’t be able to make it.

Mr Mellett, 29, said: “I should have been more organised but why should we be discriminated against because of someone else’s religion? It’s my right to buy that pill.”

A spokeswoman for Sainsburys said all its pharmacists were governed by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

The society’s ethics code says if the morning-after pill is against a pharmacist’s personal, religious or moral beliefs they are within their rights not to supply it.

The spokesman said: “We would ask our pharmacists to do their best to help, to find another colleague to dispense the pill or to direct them to another pharmacy nearby.”
Source: Manchester Evening News (English)

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