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UK Muslim Public Affairs Council Making Lists

Sat, May 31, 2008 at 2:24:17 pm PST

If you ever find yourself spending valuable time to compile lists of your Zionist enemies and their secret motivations, it’s a sign that you may need a shrink: Categorizing American Islamophobes – MPACUK :: Muslim Discussion Forum.

Category 1: The Seed Planters
Examples: Steve Emerson, Daniel Pipes, Bernard Lewis
Usual Profession: Academics
Main Motivation: Zionism

Category 2: The Theological Warriors
Examples: Robert Spencer, Craig Winn, Pat Robertson
Usual Profession: Christian preachers
Main Motivation: Religious bigotry

Category 3: The Media Voices
Examples: Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Fox News, Ann Coulter
Usual Profession: Radio and TV personalities
Main Motivation: Money

Category 4: The Fringe
Examples: LGF, Joe Kaufman, Jewish Task Force
Main Motivation: Racism

Category 5: The Politicians
Examples: George W Bush, John McCain, miscellaneous Republican politicians
Usual Profession: Politicians
Main Motivation: Need to court the anti-Islam vote

Could a similar system be used to classify British Islamophobes?
AIPAC delenda est.





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