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Last updated at 3:36 PM on 12th June 2008

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A teenage Christian who had an abortion to avoid conflict with her Muslim boyfriend’s family died a fortnight after the procedure.

A-level student Manon Jones, 18, aborted the pregnancy at six weeks but became increasingly ill in the days following the termination She told family members she felt light-headed and was bleeding heavily, an inquest heard today.

Miss Jones, who studied and lived in Bristol, returned home alone from a holiday abroad as her condition deteriorated. The teenager, from south Caernarvon, in Wales, booked a taxi and admitted herself to Southmead Hospital, in Bristol, on June 23, 2005. She died four days later.

Speaking at Flax Bourton Village Hall today, Miss Jones’s tearful mother Llywela, from Bangor, in North Wales, told the inquest her ‘bubbly’ daughter was a keen member of the local church’s youth club and regularly attended chapel.

Mrs Jones said: ‘Manon found it very hard to make a decision to terminate the pregnancy. She wanted to keep the child but there were difficult circumstances which she had to consider with her boyfriend’s family and their Muslim religion.’

Mrs Jones said Manon met her boyfriend, Naeem Muzzafar, at college and fell in love with him, later telling her mother: ‘I’m besotted with him’.

Student Manon Jones died at Bristol’s Southmead Hospital

Mrs Jones travelled to Bristol on June 11, 2005 to be with her daughter, who had taken medication to terminate the pregnancy the day before. She said: ‘She was scared. It was a very emotional experience for us both to witness her pass her baby and my grandchild into the bedpan.’

Three days later Miss Jones emailed her mother to complain she was not feeling well. The following day, on June 15, Mr Muzzafar took her back to the hospital for a scan, which she was told was ‘normal’.

Miss Jones returned home to Wales to prepare for a holiday abroad with friends on 19 June but continued to complain about bleeding and feeling unwell.

Three days into the holiday, Miss Jones told friends she was too unwell to stay and returned to go to hospital. When Mrs Jones arrived her daughter had already been sent to the intensive care unit, following seizures and cardiac arrest.

Mrs Jones said: ‘I stayed with her at the bedside all day and all night and gradually realised that Manon had already left us and was not likely to recover’.

Over the next few days the family and Mr Muzzafar sat with Miss Jones. Mrs Jones said: ‘We kept talking to her, stroking her soft hair, holding her bruised hands clinging to any hope that she might pull through somehow while the doctors kept her vital organs stable and carried out various tests.’

On June 27 doctors took the decision to turn off Miss Jones’ life support.

Dr Hugh White told the inquest a post-mortem examination revealed Miss Jones died of hypovolemia, an abnormal decrease in blood volume and shock caused by retaining the embryo.


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