Kieth Ellison

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison has criticized the policies of the US President George W. Bush in dealing with Iranian issues.

George W. Bush has adopted wrong policies on Iran–a country that plays an important role in the Middle East and the world, Ellison said.

Calling the preconditions for talks with Iran irrational, the Congressman said the Bush administration is not able to take practical steps to resolve the problems between the two countries and added that the only option is to wait for the next US president.

Ellison pointed out that he always votes “nay” to sanctions against Iran in the US Congress. He maintains that the sanctions are fruitless and only worsen the situation.

Going further, he condemned Bush’s policies on Iraq. Ellison emphasized that the only way to resolve the crisis in Iraq is to withdraw US forces from the war-torn country and ask Islamic countries, especially Iran, to help reconstruct the country.

Ellison was also critical of the US and Western mass media, which generally offer a prejudgmental image of Iran and a negative view of Islam.



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