So not to offend Muslims, Portland principal bans Pledge of Allegiance

In an apparent case of political correctness, multi-cultural madness, over-tolerance, dhimmitude, ignorance, or just plain stupidity run amok, Portland, Oregon principal Pam Wilson banned the Pledge of Allegiance from an elementary school graduation.

The school district stated there were NO complaints about the Pledge, so why did Wilson omit the Pledge? So Muslims wouldn’t be offended, according to her email to parents (video report here):

“The Pledge contains the words, ‘under God’ and we have many Muslim families here. So out of respect for the diversity of religious faiths practiced by our school community (parents and families) we decided that this year the students would memorize and sing the Preamble to the Constitution. At the rehearsal on Friday they did it from memory and to a wonderful song. It was very joyful and unique. I think you, and other parents, will really appreciate the creative and new way to open the program.”

The only problem: Muslims weren’t offended because they believe in God.

(CBS) Most children growing up in the US memorize the Pledge of Allegiance. But, in one Oregon elementary school, the kids won’t be allowed to recite it at an end of the year assembly.

The principal banned it that day so as not to offend Muslims.

One resident of Portland, Oregon was a little surprised when she received an e-mail from her stepson’s school principal.

The e-mail said that the children would not be reciting the pledge because of its reference to God.

Instead, the students would memorize and sing the Preamble to the United States Constitution.

But it’s not just non-Muslims who were offended.

At least one Muslim community leader says he feels the same way. Muhammad Najieb says that ‘God’ is central to the Muslim faith, and there are several references to him in every prayer.

Portland school officials say the principal was trying to be sensitive, but some Muslims say the ban caused hurt feelings, and may foster bitterness and division within the community.

(KOIN) Not only were Muslim families supportive of saying the Pledge of Allegiance, they were offended by the accusation Muslims do not believe in God.

“Judaism, Christianity and Islam, all of them believe in God,” said Muhammad Najieb, the Muslim Community Center Imam. “So I would ask this person, maybe they’re not a believer in God themselves.”


One Response to So not to offend Muslims, Portland principal bans Pledge of Allegiance

  1. Peace be to those who seek Guidance and Truth,

    I do not understand how the Pledge of Allegiance could offend muslims. I am a Muslim, I am also an American,indigenous American at that. What is the principal’s reasoning behind this “reference to God”? I don’t understand.

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