June 18, 2008

Head of UN Human Rights Council Blocks any Discussion of Sharia Law…..

Stoning women for adultery and cutting off the hands of thieves aren’t considered a human rights violations? The UNHRC may have hit a new low in its blind defense of Islam……


The top U.N.human rights official said Wednesday she was concerned at possible “taboo” subjects at the U.N. Human Rights Council after the chair blocked any discussion on Islamic Sharia law.


The 47-member council “should be, among other things, the guardian of freedom of expression,” Human Rights Commissioner Louise Arbour told journalists.

“There are obstacles at the council level,” said Arbour, who steps down from her post at the end of the month.

Her comments follow the decision of Council chair Doru Romulus Costea on Monday to cut off a speaker who raised the subject of Islamic Sharia law in relation to human rights.

David Littman, reading a joint declaration by two NGOs, the Association for World Education and the International Humanist and Ethical Union, had highlighted the plight of women in countries which apply Sharia law, including the death penalty by stoning for alleged adultery.

His words sparked a furious response from Arab and Islamic members of the council, with Egyptian ambassador Amr Roshdy declaring: “Islam won’t be crucified before this Council”.

The chair intervened to say that “this Council is not prepared to discuss religious matters in depth,” and warned Littman he would be interrupted should he try to raise the issue again.

Costea defended his stance Wednesday, insisting that “the Council doesn’t have the expertise to debate about the fascinating links between religion and human rights.”

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One Response to Head of UN Human Rights Council Blocks any Discussion of Sharia Law…..

  1. yorkielass says:

    No surprise there whatsoever the UN is the Arab arm of control.
    Genocide of races across Europe and not a damned thing is done, dilution and political means to destroy an whole peoples and cultures is genocide in any language.
    Damn NATO and the UN.

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