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Your tax dollars at work: US diplomat in  Lebanon attacked by Hezbullah while viewing USAID projects
  <http://bp2.blogger.com/_n7RltmTdk-g/SFmbR904HGI/AAAAAAAAD5U/qtrp0cwa56E/s1600-h/Michele_J_Sison.jpg> The motorcade of the most senior American diplomat in  Lebanon, Michele  Sison <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michele_J._Sison> , was attacked by Hezbullah thugs on Wednesday in  the town of Nabatiyeh in southern Lebanon.
 Ms. Sison is the United States Charge de Affaires in Lebanon, and had  come to the town to visit several institutions that the United States  government supports in and around the town. Curiously, the Lebanese  website Naharnet gives two different versions <http://www.naharnet.com/domino/tn/NewsDesk.nsf/Lebanon/9EC9429D936AC8C0C225746C004961FA?OpenDocument>   of this story, one of which it refers to as “Washington’s  version <http://www.naharnet.com/domino/tn/NewsDesk.nsf/Lebanon/9235DB8F62C54CABC225746C0069FD0F?OpenDocument> .” Let’s start with the Lebanese version.

Hizbullah partisans  besieged U.S. Charge d’Affaires Michele Sison during a visit to the  southern town of Nabatiyeh and hurled rocks at her motorcade while  chanting the party’s favored slogan “death to  America.”


The article also notes that one of  the vehicles in Sison’s motorcade was disabled and unable to continue. It  had to be towed.


[US State Department Deputy Spokesman Tom] Casey said the  incident happened when one of the cars in the motorcade broke down and  the charge d’affaires, Michele Sison, and the others in the group  decided to stop in the village for lunch while the car was being  repaired.


Hezbullah will be happy if the United States continues to spend its  taxpayer dollars supporting Hezbullah’s ‘charitable work.’ But please  don’t expect to send real live American diplomats – or anyone else


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