Markets in Rotterdam have been harassed the past few weeks by East-European pickpockets who dress up as religious Muslim women. 


 The police doesn’t have definite numbers but say there’s a ‘sharp increase’ of thieving fake Muslimas.

These are mostly female Bulgarian or Romanian thieves who are quite elusive with their head covering robes.  A police spokesperson says that it’s become a known phenomenon and that they see it more and more often in nearly all Rotterdam markets.

A veiled Bulgarian was caught in the act this week in the Afrikaandermarkt in Rotterdam-Zuid.  Besides stolen wallets the police found seven different colored headscarves, with which she  constantly changed ‘identities’.

Source: AD (Dutch)

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One Response to We knew this was coming-Robbers dressing up as Muslim women to pickpocket markets in Rotterdam. What’s next? Bank Robberies? This is why full face coverings are not only anti freedom, but dangerous.

  1. LisaM says:

    Maybe you should post direct links to the news or police stories as well – that would really make a statement backing up your fears, rather than just sounding like here-say with an ambiguous “AD (Dutch)” attached at the bottom.

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