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[25 Jun 2008] Hassan Dai Source: [www.iranianlobby.com] While McCain and Obama are dueling whether they should engage or contain Iran, the world is waking up to the Iranian regime’s proxies infiltrating Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Gaza. We are out there putting out the forest fire with our tea cups, and mullahs’ men and women are digging trenches in our back yards. Iran has established an embassy in Boston! Three former Iranian deputy ministers, Abbas Maleki, M. Jaffar Mahallati and Farhad Atai, have made Boston the base for their mission to assist Iran’s strategic goals. These Mullahs’ diplomats are recycled as scholars in Harvard or other fine American institutes. Senior among them is Abbas Maleki. 1 A former revolutionary guard, a high ranking Iranian diplomat, and now a senior fellow at Harvard, “Professor” Maleki, is a prominent figure of the Mullahs lobby in the US. He has been the Deputy foreign minister (1989-1997), advisor to the Supreme Leader until 2003 and the director of International Affairs at the Expediency Council until 2006. In a series of articles and speeches in Tehran, Maleki has recently elaborated on “how to combat the US”. He argues that the best means of countering the US pressure on Iran with respect to the nuclear issue is the use of “soft diplomacy”, which according to him is to mount a large scale PR campaign. Maleki identifies AIPAC (Pro-Israeli lobby) as a role model for a successful PR campaign. (Iranian Diplomacy, March 27, 2008) Two years ago when Maleki came to Harvard, Sadegh Kharrazi, a close friend and collaborator of his, told Shargh newspaper in Tehran (May 28, 2006): “There is actually an Iranian lobby in US which illustrates itself occasionally…. [this lobby] should remain non-governmental, but the government could support it, promote it and rely on it”. Maleki’s goal has been to turn this “occasional” lobby to a full time and large scale machine of influence and misinformation. It is now apparent that the policy of United States on Iran over the past has been packed with confusion and shortsightedness. It is certainly not a mere security oversight to allow so many former officials enter the United States. Almost certainly, the United States’ goal is to create a back door channel to the mullahs in Iran, a de facto Iranian embassy. Nevertheless, this “embassy” is acting more like a Trojan horse than an ambassadorial channel. These former diplomats are field commanders for running the mullahs lobby machinery, rather than peace ambassadors bridging nations. Their misinformation campaign has paralyzed the United States’ reaction to clerics strive to dominate the Middle East and achieve nuclear arsenal. The Iranian community has the right to be suspicious of a former Iranian high diplomat and revolutionary guard who lucratively benefits from his several oil related activities in Iran but suddenly has decided that he wants to pursue a carrier in scholarship. He conspicuously ends up in Harvard. It is safe to assume that his Iranian academic achievements did not open doors to professorship in Harvard! 1- http://belfercenter.ksg.harvard.edu/experts/878/abbas_maleki.html Hassan Daoleslam is an independent Iran Analyst and writer. He is well published in Farsi and English. He has appeared as an expert guest in the Voice of America-TV as well as other Persian media. Daioleslam has three decades of history of political activism and political scholarly analysis. http://iranianlobby.com/


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