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July 2, 2008

DUBAI, July 2 (Bernama) — The Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC)
Observatory on Islamophobia has expressed frustration over the decision of
the public prosecutor of the Netherlands to drop charges against a Dutch
legislator and producer of the blasphemous film titled “Fitna” for inciting

Its spokesman said that despite admitting that the film was “hurtful and
insulting (to Muslims), the public prosecutor failed to see that the work
constituted an incitement to hostility or hatred against the Muslim
community in the Netherlands or hundreds of millions of other Muslims.

“In so doing, the Dutch public prosecutor seems to ignore the fine line of
`responsibility’ separating the freedom of expression from incitement to
hatred, hostility and discrimination, ” the spokesman said in a statement.

AP reported that the public prosecutor’s office would not charge right-wing
legislator Geert Wilders with inciting hatred for his film.

According to the report, the prosecutor said the film and statements Wilders
wrote in the Dutch newspapers were “hurtful and insulting but not criminal”
and that he made his anti-Muslim remarks in the context of a legitimate
debate, and he could not be charged for incitement or discrimination. The
OIC spokesman said the decision amounted to encouraging and promoting
irresponsible media persecution and nursing a grudge, hostility and hatred
against Muslims in total disregard of international law and conventions
which consider that “any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred
that constitute discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by

“This attitude of the authorities in the Netherlands is not conducive to
facilitating dialogue or reaching understanding on sensitive issues which
entails disagreements and risks,” the spokesman added.

It was reported that the film had sparked protests in the Muslim world when
it appeared on the internet in March.


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