Dubai: American businesses are growing at a brisk rate in Dubai as it is becoming easier for businesses to start up, according to a top official of the American Business Council (ABC).

Libby Molesky, executive director of ABC told Gulf News the council has seen 100 new members in the past year. “These are new American companies, and they are coming daily.”

Speaking of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Molesky said, “The chamber has so much information. That has been a big change since five years past. It’s much easier for us now.”

Hamad Bu Amim, the director general of the chamber, addressed members of ABC, said in a statement, “Our role is to represent the interests of Dubai’s private sector and make sure that the Government continues its investor friendly strategy.”


He also said the ABC has been an “active and positive force for the past two decades.” He urged all ABC members to educate Americans and American businesses about Dubai and the region as a whole.

Bu Amim also called for closer public-private sector cooperation in relation to achieve Dubai’s 2015 strategy and goals. He also described the Chamber’s five-point strategy to meet the 2015 objectives and drive Dubai’s booming economy forward.

Molesky said that at the moment, the focus of American companies is in the field of education and healthcare. “We’re seeing a lot of American education systems being set up here in Dubai, and of course healthcare institutes in the Dubai Healthcare City.”

She also mentioned facilities moving to Dubai like Harvard Medical.


For the future, she said the energy industry in general has a major opportunity for American companies to come in.

“What we are going to be seeing is cleaner and better energy, whether it’s nuclear or solar power and of course there is the oil and gas industry. We’re going to see a change in how that works,” Molesky said.

Speaking to members of the ABC, she said, “We have two new members in the field of energy. One of them is working on nuclear power and the other is in solar.”