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010/08  July 5, 2008

CAIR:  Hypocrites; again

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR); has responded to 
resident’s concerns regarding the distribution of free copies of the 
Koran in a Houston, Texas neighborhood.


Apparently some residents are upset over the free distribution of the 

Sue Ann Pieri is quoted as saying,

“If we went into a Muslim country and left a Bible, we would be in 
prison and then decapitated a few years later”.

Actually, Ms. Pieri is both right and wrong; Saudi Arabia, among 
other Islamic nations, does not allow the Bible into its country.  
Those caught with a Bible face imprisonment, torture, and many times, 

According to Tarick Hussein, CAIR-Houston’s chapter president, the 
Book of Signs Foundation wants to educate non-Muslims about the 

“This is a very peaceful way of conveying a message.”

When you read Hussein’s calming, comforting words, you may be 
forgiven if you forget that they were mouthed by a representative of 
an Islamic terrorist supporting organization.  CAIR, an organization 
that actively supports Islamic terrorists both within and without the 
United States and Canada, is not qualified to speak on the subject of 
peaceful relations between the many different religions in North 

Consider that in February, then CAIR-Tampa Director Ahmed Bedier had 
very different words when speaking about Christians assisting 
desperate Muslims in the Holy Land:

“These are starving people who are not thinking rationally…they’ll do 
what you say to get the food to keep them alive.  They’ll pray with 
and say they’re converted. And likely, they’ll be back at the mosque 
on Friday.”


To CAIR, once again Muslims are the “privileged, protected class” to 
the exclusion of other faiths and may engage in the exact same 
activity that is condemned by CAIR when done by Christians.

Hypocrisy is just another spelling for CAIR.

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