“Pot calling the kettle black”

Pakistan should claim war on terror damages from US and suicide bombings and terrorist activities against the Islamic teachings

‘Pakistan should press Afghanistan government to withdraw its refugees from Pakistan stop opium cultivation and deploy US army present in their country on Pak-Afghan border to check terrorists’ infiltration instead of blaming Pakistan’.
Speakers held this view in a Hamdard Shura, Karachi chapter session held on July 10, 2008. They also urged the government claim compensation from the United States for the huge damages, inflicted on Pakistan by the terrorist activities during ‘war on terror’.

The Chief Justice, Federal Sharia Court, Justice Haziqual Khairi presided over the session to discuss on ‘Sovereignty of Pakistan- internal and external challenges’. President, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, Sadia Rashid, was also present in the meeting.

The former ambassador of Pakistan, Mahdi Masud said, ‘It is important to tell our people that ‘war on terror’ was not a US drive but it is a Pakistan cause, as we could not achieve targets of economic restoration, political stability and law and order without curbing extremism and terrorism. Because they are linked to each other’, he added.

Justice Haziqul Khairi said that the Islamic scholars should go to the affected areas of terrorism and tell people that suicide bombings and terrorist activities were not a part of ‘Islamic Jihad, and it was against the Islamic teachings.

The country was facing the biggest challenge of terrorism that the nation could meet through unity that could be achieved through parliament. Dr Shahid Hassan Siddiqui said in his speech that Americans had started the ‘war on terror’ to promote their imperialistic designs that were feigning the fire of terrorism further.

The US wanted to keep Pakistan economically weak that should depend on its aid, he added. Siddiqui also said, USA had made promises to help Pakistan in energy, trade and foreign investment in order to gain Pakistan’s co-operation in war on terror but failed to fulfil any of them.

Rather it was creating impediment in the way of Iran/Pakistan/India gas pipeline pact, which could provide Pakistan some economic benefit. Further, it was also sabotaging peace pact with the people of Fata.

‘Had Afghan government taken back its refugees, there would have been no person in Pakistan to go to Afghanistan for acts of sabotage’, Siddiqui added. ‘The US army in Afghanistan should take the responsibility of guarding the Pak-Afghan borders and arrest anyone trying to cross the border illegally’, he added.

Also he said, while compensating the losses of Pakistan, the US must fulfil its promises promote energy, trade and investment in the country. It should also help Pakistan in getting back its plundered money worth of $35 billion, deposited in foreign banks, as it did in the case of Nigeria and stop media propaganda rampant in the US against Pakistan nowadays.

Renowned economist, intellectual and former bureaucrat, Aftab Ahmed Khan, former Chairman of Pakistan Steel Mills, Haq Nawaz Akhtar, columnist Mohammad Ahmed Sabzwari, former diplomat, Qutubuddin Aziz, Sarshar Siddiqui, Professor Afaque Siddiqui, Dr Syed Amjad Ali Jaffery, Colonel Mukhtar Ahmed Butt (Retd) and Anwar Aziz Jakartawalla also addressed the session. Later, Shura in a unanimous resolution condoled the death of its member and renowned poet-writer, Khatir Ghaznavi.



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