These are photos from one of the most virulent of the Arabic Forums Al Ekhlass. They are supposedly of two prostitutes who have been friendly to the Cross Severs. Which in Afghanistan could mean they merely spoke to NATO or American troops, worked for our Military as translators or were accused by someone in the area for political or tribal reasons of being prostitutes. Regardless of what offense the two women may have committed whether real or imagined Taliban justice was meted out and both women were summarily executed. The two women are from an Area in Afghanistan called Ghazni This is the religion of peace that many in our government today claim is misunderstood by most Americans and Europeans. These types of executions are even seen in Atlanta GA.,0,7581978.story and Texas 

Another excellent Article on Honor killings in America can be found at this location. 

Murder of women for the sake of someone’s family honor seems to be common in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Egypt. Kidnappings and forced, marriages and Conversions of Christians to Islam are also common in Malaysia, Africa, Pakistan, Egypt etc. This is Sharia law taken to its ultimate form but anyone who believes this type of behavior is the exception in many Arabic countries only needs to do a Google Search using the term “honor killings.”  



Translation under pictures

These prostitutes operated a prostitution ring in Ghazni to the Americans and their allies
We have enabled for Allah that they met their reward
What a bad death and bad end
And to the cross slaves we saved them more of your evil ways
You will see only the disgrace, the slaughter and the torture O the devil’s slaves
And Allah is the greatest and to the honor Allah and to its messenger and to the believers



  1. markedmanner says:

    Apparently a photographer from the AP stood by while these pictures and even video was taken. See

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