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Please send this letter to your lists, and to the addresses below. This will support “Rachel’s Law” which is a very important bill to protect our first amenement for all writers, speakers, bloggers, and in the end, all of us against the threat of being sued in England by the Middle East.   This is THE ACTION OF THE DAY!


( S-2977 & H.R. 5814), aka “Rachel’s Law, now before the Judiciary Committees in the House and Senate.


New York’s new law and the proposed federal legislation grew from the court battles of New York journalist and terrorism investigator, Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, whom a Saudi billionaire sued in Great Britain for Funding Evil; How Terrorism is Financed And How to Stop It—although she is American and her book sold here, not in the U.K. But plaintiff-friendly British libel laws have made London a mecca for libel tourists wishing to intimidate authors worldwide. The suit against Dr. Ehrenfeld—like 40 previous cases that silenced many other American and New York authors—is an obvious attempt to dilute First Amendment protections of free press, and prevent investigations of terror-financing.

English libel law is an international menace, a national disgrace, a pre-democratic anachronism. It defends crooks, terrorists and tyrants from investigation. It threatens the free speech of people all over the world and causes untold damage to the reputation of this country.”

 In a tremendous victory for free speech rights and to provide legal protections from “libel terrorism” to New York authors and publishers, “Rachel’s Law” adopted by the NY legislature and signed into law by Gov. David Patterson on April 30, 2008.

“We’ve supported Rachel Ehrenfeld in her court battles,” said Mrs. Schroeder. “Now we’d like to see the fight taken to another level with enactment of federal legislation.”  <>

The Free Speech Protection Act of 2008 ( S-2977 & H.R. 5814), was introduced by U.S. Rep. Pete King (R., N.Y.)   and co-sponsored by Rep. Anthony Weiner (D., N.Y.), and a Senate  companion bill by Senator Arlen Specter (R., PA) and Joseph Lieberman (I- CT). This legislation  builds on  New York State’s “Libel Terrorism Protection Act, ” aka “Rachel’s Law.”


note that the English Libel Laws threaten the “free-flowing marketplace of ideas” which “enables the ideals of democracy to defeat the totalitarian vision of al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations”. Free speech in the U.S. “is under sharp attack through foreign courts, where dozens of mendacious libel suits have intimidated and silenced American authors and U.S. publishers.”

“The new legislation would not shield  those who recklessly or maliciously  print false information. It  would ensure that Americans are held to and  protected by American  standards, “ wrote Senators Specter and Lieberman. The new  Free Speech Act bars U.S.  courts from enforcing libel  judgments issued in foreign courts  against U.S. residents, if the speech would  not be libelous under  American law. The bill also permits American authors and  publishers  to countersue if the material is protected by the First Amendment.   If a jury finds that the foreign suit is part of a scheme to  suppress free  speech rights, it may award  damages.

We need the Free Speech Act, and we urge you to support efforts to approve it and vote for its passage as soon as possible.


Below is contact information for the Senatorial Judiciary Committee, the Congressional Judiciary Committee, and Staff.
General Judiciary Committee

Staff           Majority Communications Director Jonathan Godfrey – (202) 225-3951
Majority Press Secretary/Spokesperson  Melanie Roussell – (202) 225-3951
            Majority Staff Director/Chief Counsel  Perry Apelbaum – (202) 225-3951
            Minority Chief of Staff/General Counselor – (202) 226-0002
            Minority Communications Director  Kim Smith – (202) 225-6906
Senators on Committee

          NY Charles Schumer –
           Press Secretary Brian Fallon –  (202) 224-7433
            VT Patrick J. Leahy  –
           Press Secretary Erica Chabot – (202) 224-2154
            MA Edward Kennedy –
           Press Secretary Melissa Wagoner –  (202) 224-2633
            DE Joseph Biden –
           Press Secreatary Elizabeth Alexander – (202) 224-2154
            WI Herbert Kohl –
           Press Secretary Lynn Becker –  (202) 224-2240
            WI Russ Feingold –
           Press Secretary Zach Lowe – (202) 224-8657
            CA Dianne Feinstein –   
           Press Secretary Scott Gerber – (202) 224-8657
            IL Richard Durbin –
           Press Secretary Joe Shoemaker –  (202) 224-7028
            MD Benjamin Cardin –
           Press Secretary Sue Walitsky –  (202) 224-7433
            RI Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse –
           Press Secretary Alex Swartsel –  (202) 224-7433
            PA Arlen Specter  –   
           Press Secretary Chris Gindlesperger – (202) 224-5225
            UT Orrin Hatch –
           Press Secretary Mark Eddington (202) 224-5251
            IA Charles Grassley –
           Press Secretary Beth Levine – (202) 224-6197
            AZ Jon Kyl –
           Press Secretary Andrew Wilder –  (202) 224-4521
            AL Jeff Sessions –
           Press Secretary Michael Brumas –  (202) 224-4124
            SC Lindsey Graham –
           Press Secretary Wes Hickman –  (202) 224-5972
            TX John Cornyn –
           Press Secretary Brian Walsh –  (202) 224-2934
            KS Sam Brownback –
           Press Secretary John Rankin –  (202) 224-6521
            OK Tom Coburn –   
           Press Secretary John Hart – (202) 224-5754




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