While this blog is named ShariahFinanceWatch, this blog tracks both the inroads of Shariah Finance and imposition of Shariah Law globally.  To understand the dangers of Shariah Finance it is essential that one understands the tenets of Shariah Law first and foremost. 
 Shariah Law is a perverted radicalized form of Islam which has been promoted by “Shariah authorities” or Shariah Imams and Sheihks for the past 1400 years. Shariah Law is NOT a religion or culture or ethnicity.  Condemnation of Shariah Law is NOT condemnation of Islam, or the Muslim culture.  Shariah Law is a political movement that first and foremost oppresses Muslim women, children & homosexuals & Muslim men who do not adher to Shariah Law.  While Shariah Law has existed for 1400 years, it is very virulent at this moment in 2008, because it is empowered with over $140/barrell petrodollars shared by Middle East Sovereign Rulers . Moderate Middle East rulers share wealth with these Shariah Imams because if not they themselves risk being overthrown. 

Shariah Finance is dangerous because Shariah investments are being created partly as a place for the Taliban, Iran and other Shariah regimes to invest their petrodollars. .  Shariah is the law of the land in Iran, Saudi Arabia Sudan and the Taliban.  It should come as no surprise that the country with the greatest dollar assets of Shariah investments is IRAN.  Yes, U.S. investment banks are essentially being money managers for regimes building nuclear weapons and providing providing guerilla warfare which is killing our young U.S. troops.  The Taliban as noted in the news is on the rise in Pakistan, again fueled by Shariah investment profits and embedded donations to “Shariah Islamic Charities” , which often fund Jihad. As these regimes gain legitimacy in our banking system and their net worth increases, so the network of extremism and terrorism grows.  Just one example of many:  September 11th attacks were funded by Shariah Banks which provided profits to Al-Qaeda. This is being presented in court today in Phila, Pa on behalf of Cantor Fitzgerald, Ace Allstate , Chubb and other life insurance companies, which paid insurance benefits to over 3000 widows, widowers or surviving family members.

The archives on the left side of this blog will help you learn about Shariah Law as you learn about the momentum and acceptance of Shariah Finance, being marketed as a “benign religious investing”, rather than a method to empower Iran and the Taliban.

You’ll note that Shariah Law is being forced upon and/or tolerated in Europe at a rapid pace, especially in Great Britain.  The correlation with Shariah Finance is clear: Shariah Finance has strong market share and acceptance in Great Britain, and now the Brits are dealing with serious issues of whether or not to accept Shariah Law over British Law.  The consequences are the same in America.


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