Dubai police have arrested close to 80 people in the last two weeks for indecent behaviour. (Getty Images)

Dubai police have arrested almost 80 people in the last two weeks for topless sunbathing, nudity and other acts deemed to offend the Muslim city-state’s conservative values, as their crackdown on indecent behaviour intensifies.

Authorities launched the campaign following the highly publicised arrest of a British couple caught having sex on Jumeirah Beach, an incident that highlighted the growing number of tourists and expatriates not abiding by the city’s values.

Since then police have set up watchtowers on beaches across the city, while undercover officers have been patrolling the sands to catch anyone flouting the law. 

Dubai Municipality has also put up warnings in Arabic, English and several other languages warning tourists not to sunbathe topless or change in public.

Police said they had received “numerous complaints” from families “offended by displays of nudity” and women angry at groups of men staring at them while they sunbathe.

Police said first-time offenders would most likely get away with just a warning, but if caught again could face prosecution.


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