Knights of Martyrdom” VIDEO

Al-Furqan media, the mouthpiece of the ISI has now released a new 41-minute video featuring a number of istishahadah (martyrdom attacks) carried out by foreign mujahideen in Iraq. The video is the third of a series called “Knights of Martyrdom.”

A major part of the video has been dedicated to a spectacular attack that destroyed the Badosh bridge, Northern Mosul, in May 2007. The attack was carried out by a Yemeni mujahideen going by the name Abu Huzeifa. He drove his explosives-packed truck past the security post at the entrance of the bridge, and detonated it about 150 meters further. The explosion was massive, causing the bridge to collapse. According to al Qaeda foreign mujahideens’ records released earlier this year by CTC, Abu Huzeifa was an arm-dealer from the city of Taez in Yemen. He arrived in Iraq via Syria, and registered as a martyrdom seeker on entering the country. He was 28 years old when he carried out the attack.

One of the martyrdom seekers who was featured in the video was Turkish. He addressed his mother as he made his final statement on camera, and asked her to bring up his little brothers to embrace the cause of Jihad. Another shaheed appeared to be a young mujahideen from Algeria or Morocco called Abu Gharib al-Muhajir. He carried out an attack on a checkpoint in Nineveh. The explosion from the vehicle sent soldiers, who manning the checkpoint, flying in the air. The last shaheed featured was from Syria.
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