White girls circumcision in Saudi Arabiah

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27/02/2006 14:27:59 
Message Dear friendHeres a chat with a Saudi Doctor who circumcise white girls 

Doctor Muzaffar-I have a medical practice in Jizan, Saudi Arabia which I practice female circumcision. I am a Egyptian and still spend much time there, but spend much time at my clinic in the Kingdom. My husband travels with me. Female circumcision is well established in Egypt and is now spreading in the Kingdom from the Tihama region of the Arabian peninsula. The locals have practiced in for many years and now the Saudi religious police have encouraged its spread in the Kingdom.
RZ-Why did you pick there to set up your practice if female Circumcision is easily available.
Doctor Muzaffar- I was recruited in my homeland, Egypt by the religious police as circumcising the young may be done by midwives, there was few trained female Doctors in the kingdom that Had experience in circumcising grown women.
RZ- Religious police?
Doctor Muzaffar- Yes , this is the new more tolerant religious police, where in the past Prostitution or Adultery was punishable by stoning , now sometimes they simply have the accused circumcised and , or infibulated. They bring them to my clinic and they are my guest for a day or two. I also Train nurses for the religious police to preform female circumcision. after a training period they are moved to female hospitals in other Kingdom cities. Clitoridectomy is not not a hard thing to learn for the average nurse.The religious police feel that female circumcision has many positive benefits. It calms women, ends lesbian activities, discourages adultery and prostitution. It allows women to concentrate on being good wives and mothers.

RZ- I thought that female circumcision was limited in Saudi Arabia.
Doctor Muzaffar-that was true for the most part in the past, it has always been present along the red sea and the areas that boarder Yemen. In the last few years it has grown allot spreading throughout the Kingdom. The west would have no way of knowing as women and women’s issues are kept private. And the foreign women that are guest in the harems are kept out of sight. With modern security There is little chance that once they are here that anyone will hear from them again. Even if they managed to escape the harem it would be all but impossible for them to escape Saudi Arabia. The religious police would return them to their masters.Currently I would say that at least 25% of all women in Saudi Arabia are circumcised. It is growing popularity and with the growing number of trained midwives within a generation all women who have bore a child should have had the tip of their clitoris removed.

RZ- What is your clinic like?
Doctor Muzaffar-State of the art. a all female staff as this is women’s business. My husband handles the dealings with the authorities and various male clients but he is not allowed into the secure treatment wing. The facility has no windows but is air conditioned which is a benefit as it is very hot and humid here in Jizan.For security there is only one entrance , a electric garage door. When a patient arrives the auto or van enters the garage door after putting a security code into electronic box.The inter door wont open till the outer one closes. Much of my 12 person female staff lives on site as well as all nurse trainees. There are food preparation facilities as well as 36 patient rooms and three treatment rooms.everything we need under one roof.
RZ- What are the patient rooms like?
Doctor Muzaffar- Very spartan, Small shower and toilet area, a bed. no window, no door knob on inside, remember some of our guest are wards of the Religious police. They would be hard to deal with if we lost one. each room has a video monitor that feeds to a central control center for monitoring.
RZ- What are the the treatment rooms like?
Doctor Muzaffar- Tiled in white floors, ceilings, walls. Kept spotlessly clean. Very bright and well lit. there is various medical equipment and supplies. And of course the treatment table.
RZ- What are the the treatment tables like?
Doctor Muzaffar- Again state of the art. It is very important that the patient not move during the operation and my table sees to that. It has a stainless steel frame and black leather padding. Unactivated it looks more like a lounge chair. The patient is led into the treatment room in a white gown and ask to sit .Once seated my assistance’s secures their charge to the treatment chair. Strapes above and below the knee as well as across the instep of each foot. Wide leather straps across the belly above and below the breast. Another wide quite tight strap across the lower belly. The the wrist are placed in leather cuffs back against the chair even with the shoulders. Then the chair tips back and the legs spread into the classical Gyno chair. There are metal curves under the knees.The patient finds herself on her back Head down , legs spread. The activation of the chair tightens all the straps very securely. She will find she is totally immobilized. Once secured we shave the pubic hair, the area is cleaned with soap, then we treat the entire area with an antiseptic. At this point she is ready for me to circumcise her. If allowed by the authorities I take a needle and deaden the nerves around and leading to the clitoris. I start giving injections in a radial configuration. The last I give an injection under the clitoris into the main nerve. In most cases they will tense and grown a little at this point as the nerve is deaden.
RZ- What about a gag?
Doctor Muzaffar- No I don’t see that as needed as we pay little attention to anything the patient says. If she is being cut on orders of the Religious police then one of my nurses places a rubber tongue depressant into the patients mouth and holds it into place. also a strap across the forehead is put into place and tightened . This gives her something to bite on as she is cut.The religious police dint allow us to use pain killers The patients from other sources I give injections into the local areas and they feel nothing.Most go to the table without much fuss , but some we have to drag kicking and screaming.

Doctor Muzaffar- Some young brides are brought in and we simply clip the tip of their clitoris off. Its pretty minor but very effective at controlling female behavior. Also I have a growing demand from the estates of the ruling class. In the Kingdom men can have up to four wives and many concubines. Some of the princes have many more than four wives. We have many very rich men and they have palaces where their women are kept out of site.It has become quite fashionable for a wealthy man to have his concubines circumcised. This also makes the religious leaders happy in knowing that many of these concubines are circumcised and their sexuality is controlled. Many religious leaders fell that it is a woman’s place to provide pleasure to the male and bear children without receiving pleasure themselves, especially if they are infidel women.
RZ- Infidel women?
Doctor Muzaffar-Yes from many places, like the Balkins, Russia, Greece, France, Ireland and much of Europe. a few from America and other nations. Scandinavia is very popular. The young , the pretty , the stupid, Many college girls. They are easy to acquire. Some of the rich will go on hunting trips as they are called. They simply seduce a bird that they fancy, fly her to the Kingdom where she simply disappears into a harem to never be heard from again. Many of the older Princes will hire a recruiter to find him the right candidate.Once here she is turned over to
the old man to do with as he pleases. Several of the recruiters bring the candidates here for circumcision to calm them down before going onto their final destination. It is surprising how few western women know what female circumcision is. As a general rule when they arrive here they have no idea what we plan to do to them. you can imagine their surprise when they discover that we have removed their clitoris.
RZ- Are these women not looked for? What about their governments?
Doctor Muzaffar- Their governments dint care, they only want oil, a few of their women ending up in harems, they could care less. The women will never be heard from again. They are kept locked away where they please their master and bear his children. The circumcision calms them and prevents them from masturbating and dreaming of their past life and old boyfriends.
RZ- tell me about the circumcision procedure?
Doctor Muzaffar- Its about the clitoris. There are variation but the removal of the clitoris is central. The majority of circumcisions are simply snipping it off. This is most effective in controlling female behavior. 90% of the pleasure nerves are in the very tip. By just snipping off the tip will have the desired effect on female behavior. Masturbation will no longer be an option, they will find it just doesn’t work anymore and will loose interest in trying to climax through masturbation. I have been training a steady stream of midwives who duties in the Kingdom outside of assisting with births is to see that no new mother leaves the maternity ward with her clitoris. This is a good time to circumcise women. with all the trauma from the birth the snipping the tip of the clitoris is hardly noticed, many women wont even notice its gone till the return to regular relations with their husbands. This makes her a better mother and wife. The religious police insist on clitoridectomy, .excision of the labia minora, incision of the labia majora and resewing it, leaving only a tiny hole to urinate out of. Also the clitoridectomy is far more in depth than just snipping the tip , the entire root is cut out. This is done to prostitutes and women taken in adultery.
I first take a hand clamp tool and grasp the clitoris and pull it out from the body and I make a oval incision around the base of the clitoris.With a scalpel I cut the surrounding flesh till the clitoris is held by the root. Below the clitoris head the main clitoris nerve I pull on the clitoris as hard as possible, pulling it by the attached nerve as far from the body as possible. and make a clean cut as deep as possible. There is allot of the clitoris that is removed that is not in the simple procedure. I then excision the labia minora followed by the incision of the labia majora and then I sew the mouth of the Vagina closed connecting the raw edges. There is a small hole to urinate out and pass menstrual blood. Not being able to use pain killers as defined by the religious police the woman are screaming and struggling but my special chair doesn’t allow any movement. I always use pain killers if allowed by law.
My signature treatment is called the harem cut. Many of the western women that are bound for harems I do a full deep circumcision follow es by a modified infibulation. Not the sealing of the mouth of the vagina but once the clitoris is removed I tighten the top of the vagina with a couple of stitches after a incision at the top of the labia majora. My clients like this effect as it makes it tighter for her master.unless requested so I don’t excision the labia minora. I don’t think it matters as there isn’t enough nerves to allow masturbation or climax during sex, though the labia minora may add to the pleasure of the male. the male seem to like my harem cut over the snip or the infibulation. Of course I can do lots of variations

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  1. limpia says:

    is this true? i mean the part about european women being kidnapped for harems? holy crap!

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