A time of Great calamity is dawning upon us. This time it is not from the Serbs, Jews, Fascist Hindus, US, UK, or Other Enemy of Islaam but from our own ranks. Like the Jews of Turkey who converted to Islaam during the latter part of the Ottoman rule, to gain positions of power and destroy Islaam from within, a certain group of people have joined ranks to discredit Islaam. This group of Munafiqeens are openly saying that homosexuality is not Haraam. They launch their campaign in Los Angeles in the United States during a Gay Festival. They are also launching a video and will start a publicity campaign shortly.

Prof. Zaghloul al-Naggar, professor of geology and Director of the London-based Markfield Institute of Higher Education, has rightly told IslamOnline that many Westerners – some of them homosexual – convert to Islaam in order to appeal to Islamic communities and spread sinful behavior among Muslims, thus shaking their belief. Naggar cited the example of Richard S. Burton, a British writer who wrote in his book “A Journey to Mecca” how he publicly converted to Islaam for ulterior motives rather than out of real faith. Naggar also referred to Turkish Jews who converted to Islaam to reach power in Turkey during the times of Muslim Caliphs.

For some, after the demise of Communism, Islaam is the Greatest threat. All the forces that brought about the fall of Communism are now positioned against Islaam.

The punishment prescribed in Islaam for anyone who openly professes to be a homosexual is clear to all believers. In Islaam ‘Hadd’ or publicly ordained punishments are for sins committed openly. When a person openly commits a sin for which Allaah (swt) has ordained a public punishment it becomes the duty of the Muslim ruler to punish him. But any sin done in private is a matter that the doer has to resolve with Allaah (swt) through repentance.

This is a great test for the Ummah and for those who are inclined to accept Islaam as their way of life in the future. How can we stop this calamity?
let us make regular dua to save us from the Munafiqeens.

Secondly let us tell all believers that the followers of the Great Munafiq Abdullah Ibn Saba who brought death and destruction during the Caliphate of Othman (RA) are in action again. Abdullah Ibn Saba the great Munafiq succeeded in breaking the Muslims into groups and eventually brought about the division of the Muslims into Sunnis and Shias. But this group in the USA has a much greater mission: that of destroying Islaam and disgracing the Muslims in the eyes of the non believers. AND THIS THEY THINK IS THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THE SPEED AT WHICH ISLAAM IS SPREADING IN THE WEST.

Thirdly let us mount a publicity campaign, individually and in groups, to expose these bogus “Muslims”. This is our Jihad. Let us not take it lightly. Let us protect the honour of our Deen.


This is  Refutation of those who excuse homosexuals on the grounds that this is the way they were created NO ONE in this world is BORN a Homosexual understand what Allaah has said about homosexuality….Allaah does not punish by the way you are created, after all, Allaah created you, but Allaah punishes His slaves by the choices that we make, not the way we are created….  EVERY HUMAN is created recognizing Allaah as their Lord but if they CHOOSE to deny this; then they become a kaafir… and for this covering of the truth, they are punished….

The act of two men having sex is NOT considered Fornication, Neither is of two women having sex is considered Fornication. By definition, fornication is sex between a man and a woman who are Virgins…. and this is not punishable by death, but by lashings…The penis must enter the Vagina, and When Two Men are together this is called SODOMY… and sex that occurs between a man and a woman who are currently married or who have ever been married is Zinaa and this is punishable by death. There are differences here….and by the way, 2 women having sex is NOT punishable by death… at any rate, Allaah does NOT create any human being homosexual, they simply choose this, like a person Chooses not to be guided…. or they choose to do Halaal. etc… 

We should “judge” according to Shariah, not what we feel, or think… because Allaah has brought down Islaamic Law and this is the only law that is recognized. not the law of Christians or Jews

Allaah says in Qur’ân in Surah At-Tahrim to Lots wife who was  sympathetic to homosexuals… (interpretation of the meaning) “Allaah has set an example to the unbelievers in the wife of Nuh (Noah) and the wife of Lut (Lot). They were married to two of Our righteous servants, but they betrayed them. In no way could their husbands protect them from Allah. Both of them were told: “Enter the fire, along with those who enter.” [Surah At-Tahrim Ayat 10] 

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning) “Another example is the people of Lut (Lot) who disbelieved Our warning. We let loose on them a stone- charged tornado which spared none except Lut’s household, whom We saved by early dawn” [Qur’ân in Surah Al-Qamar 54:33.34]

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning) “We helped him against those people who had denied Our revelations; surely they were an evil people, so We  drowned them all in the Great Flood. [ Qur’ân in Surah Al-Anbiya 21:77]

With all due respect I again say People are not “born” homosexual or bisexual…. This is a choice that a human makes for themselves… Allaah punishes those for their choices in this life…Like those who choose to steal, choose to lie, choose to commit zinaa, etc…. but Allaah does not punish for the way that He created us, born female, male, spanish, chinese, etc…. these are not choices, but HOW we live is a choice in every sense of the word… This idea that people are “born” homosexual is from the Kufaar and is not based on
Islamic Law
, after all homosexuality is a CRIME, and as such is punishable by death… and I would like to add that Allaah forgives His slaves if they repent sincerely and this is of course up to Allaah to judge, but they must stay away from the sin that they are committing. When We do not agree with their claim that their sexual orientation is natural; rather it is a distortion of nature. Allaah counted their deed as wrongdoing and immoral, and He sent upon the people of Lut a punishment the like of which no other nation had seen. He also tells us that this punishment is not ever far from the wrongdoers. Their claim that their orientation is natural serves only to propagate and spread immorality, and it is just an excuse for them. Many of them change their appearance so as to look odd, so how can we say that this is how they were created? Allaah does not create anyone just to punish or torture them. He created mankind to worship Him, but He may try His slaves with hardship as a test of their faith, to expiate for their sins and to raise their status. Allaah is too Just to force a person to commit sin and then punish him. On the contrary, people commit sins by their own free choice – like these Perverted People – and it is for this that they deserve to be punished. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “And your Lord treats no one with injustice” [
Qur’ân in Surah al-Kahf 18:49]

And Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “Nay, Allaah never commands Fahshaa’ (evil deeds, unlawful sexual intercourse). Do you say of Allaah what you know not?” 
Qur’ân in Surah Al-Anbiya al-A’raaf 7:28]

And as for gays being born that way, Allaah created Adam and Eve not adam and steve, and from all three semitic religions, christianity, judaism, an Islaam, we see that homosexuality only brought destruction onto itself….in other words, they were destroyed by Allaah….thus there is no “gay history”, their only history is destruction, and there is no “gay pride”, since they were humiliated through the wrath of Allah.

Islaam is not alone in this prohibition, which also holds for Catholics, Mormons and several Protestant denominations. But while Western societies offer a range of spiritual alternatives for Gay Christians, Jews and others who seek to maintain some form of religious faith, Islaam has traditionally closed the door to even the notion of Homosexuality.

And Allaah knows best.

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So folks, what are your kids learning in public school? Get them out of there before it is too late or your little darling will come home one day and say mom and dad, I am gay!!!! You don’t want to hear these words. Read on…….

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