Acutely aware of the dual vulnerabilities of their oil infrastructure and their regime, Saudi Arabia’s ruling family decided to “spend what it takes” to protect both – a decision that creates a $14 billion oil security market in Saudi Arabia over the coming six years. This is one of the major conclusions that Homeland Security Research Corporation (HSRC) arrived at, as its analysts worked on a new series of Global Oil-Gas Infrastructure Security Market Reports.

One major successful terrorist attack on the oil-gas industry can quickly spiral the world’s economy into a painful global recession, which will hurt everybody, including the more than $3 Trillion annual oil-gas industry. To try to mitigate against such an eventuality, the world’s oil producers invest currently almost $6 billion in oil-gas infrastructure security. This effort if forecasted to double to almost $12 billion by 2014. HSRC’s Oil-Gas Security Infrastructure reports will cover this burgeoning market.

Our first report in the series: “ Saudi Oil Industry Security Market 2009-2014 ” provides a detailed roadmap to the more than $14 Billion that the Saudi Kingdom will spend over the next 6 years to harden their oil infrastructure security. This major investment is driven by:

·              The Saudi government determination to spare no effort to ensure its survivability and economic viability

·              The recognition by the Saudi rulers that their oil industry is considered by many world governments as “The Achilles Heel of the Global Economy”

Each report provides high resolution insights into the following oil-gas security sub-markets:

·              Perimeter protection

·              IT security & C3I

·              People screening

·              Biometrics & RFID

·              Maritime security

·              Communication equipment

·              Paramilitary oil-gas security forces equipment

·              and much more…

For more information see related report:   Saudi Arabia Homeland Securtiy Market Outlook 2009 – 2014


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