These are the poor people who can easily get inolved with Islam with promises of food, shelter, and paradise.

ÈÓã Çááå ÇáÑÍãä ÇáÑÍíã


As salamu alaikum  wa  rahmatulil lahee  wa  barakatu huu to all the true believers,


   Over two yrs. ago we made a general invitation to all the Muslims to come and help with the Dawah here in La Paz, Bolivia, where the population is almost 10 million and 80% or more have never heard not even what is Islam. We wanted the Muslims to see for themselves what we are really doing to establish this deen in this country; we were offering a place to stay, so that our guests would not have to spend in hotels.

   However do to time, finances and other responsibilities of the Muslims abroad, no one was able to come. May Allah (T) bless those  Muslims and their love ones, for helping us with books, pamphlets, a good advice and encouragements to continue with this cause, the list is too long to mention them all. However, Allah (t) knows who they are that helped us and will receive their blessings in this life and the hereafter, amen!!!

   Once again, we seek the assistance of our brothers and sisters in the deen, but before hand PLEASE LETS HAVE THIS VERY CLEAR WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY FINANCIAL AID NOR ARE WE ASKING FOR ANY HAND OUTS. Nevertheless like any movement this too requires finances to reach our goals and for this reason we have decided to ask you all to help us get the WORD OUT about this Dawah movement that, not only  we want to reach the people of the cities, but also the villages and jungles of Bolivia inshal lah.

  About the finances we know that the majority of the Muslims at one time or another has bought a Muslim garment for themselves or as a gift and here is how you all can help us, that is by buying your garments from us, keep in mind that not only will you be helping in the Dawah movement, but you are also helping to give work, feed, clothe and educate many muslims here.






We are a group of Converted Muslims who are working in this cause and we are humbly offering the following items;


– Saudi style Thoubs with round collar,

– Hip length Khimars,

– A two piece Laced Hijabs for women and girls,

– One piece Praying outfits for women and girls,

– Tasbih or Dikir Beads (33),

– Koofies,

– Khufs (leather socks)

-And much, much more.

All these items are made in Bolivia.


To learn more about this movement and to purchase please contact us directly at the following address and you will receive an up date of what we have and are doing, inshal lah.


May Allah (t) bless you and your love ones for your niyah with paradise,  ameen!!!


Email:  [email protected]

               [email protected]  


Plz. See:


al-Mukhtar min Bolivia

P.O.. Box 4211

La Paz, Bolivia

S. America

Tel..:  591  7300-7389

[email protected]    



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