What Are Your Questions to Hamas?

IslamOnline.net’s Interview with Dr. Mousa Abu Marzook

By  Muslim Affairs Team


Logo of Hamas

What are Hamas’ policies toward Israel? What are its policies toward Fatah? Is Hamas calling for peace or for wiping off Israel? Why has the movement targeted unarmed Israelis? How do they define resistance? Are Gaza’s Palestinians held hostage in Hamas’ hands? Is Hamas a terrorist organization?Send us your questions to Hamas before July 31, at [email protected], and we will be asking them to the deputy cheif of Hamas’ political bureau, Dr. Mousa Abu Marzook, in an interview on August 2. 

Dr. Mousa Abu Marzook has played an active role in the movement shortly after its founding in the late 1980s. He became the first Hamas political bureau chief in 1992. The US-educated leader has published opinion pieces in the Washington Post, LA Times, the Guardian, and other media outlets.

Send us your questions to Dr. Mousa Abu Marzook now: [email protected]




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