Return home call to Saudi women


A CALL has gone out to Saudi women studying in Bahrain and abroad to take their skills and experiences home with them.

Their search for more freedom abroad is a dangerous trend, robbing their own country of women who could help lead the fight for change, says Saudi writer and women rights activist Wajeha Al Huawaider.

Many Saudi women are living outside their country to get their independence, without being ruled by or having to rely on men, says Ms Al Huawaider.

“Women in Saudi lose their existence and become crippled beings, who cannot do many things independently,” she said.

Women in Saudi cannot do anything without the permission of their male guardian. If their male guardian is liberal, then they are free,” she added.

If a Saudi woman wants to travel abroad, her male guardian has to first agree in order for her to do so, based on Shariah law in Saudi Arabia, said Ms Al Huawaider.

But she says the exodus is a dangerous trend, because if all educated liberal women leave the country, there won’t be any left for changing it.

“What if new positions in the government, like the Shura Council, let women join? Where do we get the right women for the job if they all leave?” said Ms Al Huawaider.

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