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The ummah (community of believers) must have a caliphate or leader to function as a nation or state according to Islamic doctrine. This nation is a religious/political body that is under sharia law and has no geographical borders. Restoring the caliphate is a dream of the Muslim Brotherhood and most Islamic terrorist groups. Here’s an in-depth article on this subject.

Here is a Muslim’s view of the caliphate.

Under Islamic rule by the ummah, Christians and Jews are dhimmis, second-class citizens who are “protected” peoples and have to pay a special tax, the jizya. They must abide by the Pact of Umar codified by the Caliph Umar in the 7th century. Here’s what has happened to the Coptic dhimmis after centuries of “protected” status in Egypt.


The Doctrine of Islamic Deceit

Before the doctrine of deceit can be understood, we must have a context of Islamic doctrine in general. What is needed is more than facts, but an entire line of reasoning.

The most important question is: what is Islam? This simple question is the crux of all discussion about Islam. Most say that Islam is whatever Muslims say it is. This leads to endless articles and discussions about what some expert Muslim says and that, in turn, leads to the discussion of whether that Muslim is a “moderate” Muslim or an “extremist” Muslim. Using Muslims to define Islam is Muslim-ology, a branch of sociology.



to read more go to……http://www.politicalislam.com/blog/the-doctrine-of-deceit/


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