No Sharia’h Law Here petition–Please Sign and Pass on!

August 10, 2008 · No Comments

If you live in the UK go here

For US Citizens:

To:  U.S. CongressStop Sharia from becoming official in the United States 

Sharia has many elements. Some of these may differ in law and practice from country to country 

Samples of some of the Sharia family law edicts include: 

– The value of a woman’s life is one half of the life of a man. 
– The testimony of two women is equal to the testimony of one man 
– Daughters get half the inheritance the sons get. 
– A woman does not have the right to divorce her husband 
– A man can divorce his wife any time he wishes and without her knowledge. 
– Men are allowed to marry four wives and as many wives as they can buy. 
– Women can not travel, work, go to school, or even leave the house without their husband’s permission. 
– A woman must live where her husband decides. 
– Mothers do not get the custody of their children when their husbands divorce them. 
– Husbands can take the baby away from the mother and have another woman feed and raise the infant. 
– A widow does not get the custody of her children after the death of her husband. The children will be given to the paternal grand parents of relatives, and the mother has no right of visitation. 
– If the husband has no family, the community clergy takes the custody of the woman’s children including the family money and belongings. 
– In the case of a man’s death, the wife will be left without her children, home and property. 
– In the case of inheritance for the old wife, mother of grown children, she gets one eighth of the value of the building of the house, not the land that the house is sitting on. 
– Marriage between a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim man is forbidden and invalid, while a Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim woman. 
– If a Muslim woman is raped she cannot bring the rapist to justice without four witnesses to testify in favor of her claim, otherwise she would be punished for adultery 
– Muslim men are allowed to beat their wives to discipline them. 

Do we want to allow the application of this harsh class of citizenship on our current liberal democratic system? If a family Sharia law would be recognized by our legislative body wouldn’t that negate the principal of our current human rights? 

We hereby ask members of the US Congress to takes steps through resolutions or laws that would prevent Sharia and Sharia practices from becoming official US legal provisions anywhere in the United States. 


The Undersigned


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