Why Rape Is Not Found In Islamic countries

Most of the Islamic world follows the Shariah or Sunnah legal manual known as the ‘Umdat al-Salikwhich and are made apart of the laws of almost all Muslim countries.

In most of the more repressed countries; such as Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Syria, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Bengali and Bahrain, the laws concerning rape are very specific.

In the countries I listed, in order to report rape you must have a witness to the rape. There is no such thing as statutory rape in 99% of the cases brought before the courts. This is because the age of consent for all these countries is 9 years of age following with the wisdom that Aisha was 9 when she had sex with Muhammad. Only men whom prey on younger than 9 years of age and reported to the authorities are actually prosecuted but not necessarily punished.

What made me finally understand this problem was with the organization for human rights which has more than thirty thousand (30,000) reports and with more than 10,000 documented concerning this issue. The worst offending country in the world is Iran where the moral police accounts for more than 80% of rapes which are reported. However, these reports are not followed up by the authorities because the law states that the act of rape must be witnessed or the girl’s family must report it if she is under 9 years of age before there is any investigation.

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