Financial demise of America


Michael Webster, investigatory journalist
American Chronicle of August 19, 2008

A cataclysmic financial storm threatens to reduce the economy of the United States while the inflated oil prices meet the greatest crisis of mortgage in the American history. For the American citizens only the high oil prices eroded the net income by prices record of gasoline, of diesel and fuel oil, increased prices of foodstuffs, assembling out of arrow of other utilities as well as the deflation of housing which helped to create preclusions at the house record. According to Bill Wilson, the PARENTS whom the analyst senior said these phenomena are an increasing threat for the national security and the sovereignty of the USA. The hundreds of billion dollars caught up with because the exceptional benefit for the Arab Islamic oil barons must soon be employed to buy the property afflicted and prevented same Americans as the oil race upwards exploited.

The sovereign funds of richness made titles above the last years while the American dollar of descent of back of green and the oil prices of increase made it possible foreigners to seize to the top of the American capital symbolic systems at the depressed prices of the United States.

The Kuwaiti right recently saved financial giant Citigroup. Abu Dhabi bought the American building of limiting Chrysler of terminal. Washington Post indicated that not identified sovereign funds richness make shopping for thousands of prevented houses.

So much just which is these sovereign funds of richness? How much the rich person are they them? The Council of the Foreign affairs offers the following known list. But here ’s the result: In aggregate, the ten principal funds have $2.6 trillions to invest.



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