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Friday, 22 August 2008
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FMCG / Retail
United Arab Emirates
Baume et mercier

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Baume & Mercier announced the launch of a divers watch in the Middle East. Man has always dreamed of meeting new challenges.
To understand the world, he began by appropriating its various elements. Mastering fire helped human beings surpass the other species; grasping the nature of the earth gave them dominion over its waters and its air. Then, as time went by, this determination to conquer progressively shifted towards a desire for new discoveries and learning experiences.

As the playgrounds of modern-day adventurers, the ocean depths are filled with unresolved enigmas. In exploring such underwater delights, divers like to be backed up by a faithful companion, firmly strapped to their wrist. Water-resistant to depths of 200 meters, the new Riviera models by Baume & Mercier are ready and able to meet the many challenges raised by diving and sailing activities.

Far from being exclusively nautical watches, the Riviera XL Diver and the Riviera XXL Chrono Diver are also intended for life on land, including many miles away from sun-drenched shores. For while their functions and their accuracy make them powerful auxiliaries both above and below the surface of the seven seas, their elegance and their refinement also contribute to making these new-generation Riviera models reliable allies in all circumstances.

Reflecting the signature features of the Riviera line, these two sporting versions top their twelve-sided cases with a bezel marking off the steady rotation of the sweep seconds hand. Through their twelve-sided bezel and their stylish appearance, these two new releases for 2008 vividly evoke the 1970s, the period that saw the birth of the line. Indeed, the very name “Riviera” conjures up the glamour of the Côte d’Azur, its starlets, its sea trips and its tireless quest for epicurean leisure pursuits.   Continue reading……..




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