(Please note, the Muslim Brotherhood are responsible for Islamic Finance as well. This is a very important issue of shariah and the USA) comment by Allyson Rowen Taylor

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Many Americans are aware of the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into the United States.  There’s a new interview with the deputy leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood which adds another element of confirmation.  

A few days ago the co-editor of the official English language Muslim Brotherhood website denied any representatives were in the U.S. even though the author’s by-line on this August 12th saved web page and an August 9th saved web page of his blog said he was in the United States!

Below is a excerpt from an interview done for Pajama Media by Egyptian blogger, Sand Monkey, with Mohamed Habib, a top leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Eqypt – the headquarters of the world-wide global Islamic organization:

“…SM: Is there a Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S.?

Mohamed Habib: I would say yes. There are Muslim Brotherhood members there.

SM: Then what are they doing there?

Mohamed Habib: No, there are already existing institutions; there are laws and a constitution that they operate under in order to have a role in serving the American society. They are part of the American society and they want to an active positive role in it, and a part of that is to spread a positive image of Islam along with its values, culture, history and teachings.

SM: This is naturally very important. Who represents you in the US?

Mohamed Habib: Well, there are there those who do represent us, who do that role.

SM: But it’s not CAIR, right? The Council for American Islamic Relations? Many people say that they are your front. Other people say that its ISNA. But back to CAIR, some people from the Muslim Brotherhood have denied having a connection with CAIR. Do they really represent you?

Mohamed Habib: Ehh, this is a sensitive subject, and it’s kind of problematic, especially after 9/11 …

SM: For them to say that there is a relationship between you two?

Mohamed Habib: Yes. You can say that.

SM: Gotcha. What kind of relationship does the Muslim Brotherhood have with Hamas? Do you offer them support of any kind?

Mohamed Habib: Hamas, like any Muslim Brotherhood entity, is not related to the other entities. But we do support them. We support them with ideas. We support them with advice and vision. We incite the people — in Egypt for example — to donate money and care and understand about the Palestinian cause. Then the civil society institutions carry out the role of facilitators of our support…” 

Pajamas Media


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